Success is…

success is...

Success is…

Being on your death-bed knowing you spent good-quality time with your children, spouse, friends and God.

Knowing you sometimes stepped aside and ignored your own desires to help others fulfil their dreams.

Knowing you forgave all those who ever offended you or treated you badly. That you left vengeance to God.

Knowing you participated in things that didn’t always interest you but made others happy that you were there to share in their joy.

Knowing you spent your money wisely, blessed others with your possessions, was a good listener, a great encourager and used your mouth to bless not curse.

Knowing you remained joyful in all circumstances because your mind was focused on those less fortunate than yourself, not those who had more than you.

Knowing you were wise because you asked God for wisdom, were grateful because you asked God for patience, were compassionate because you asked God for understanding, were merciful because you asked God for humility, were gracious because you asked God for love, were resourceful because you asked God for a reality check on how little time we have left on earth.

Success is hearing your Creator say, “Well done you good and faithful servant, enter into my kingdom where you will live forever in peace.”


  1. […] Just like many pop heroes who died in shame because their private life was a mess, so too many preachers claiming to be Christian are destined for the flames, not the throne. Don’t follow them there. God promises to give us wisdom if we ask for it. False preachers need to be exposed so you can be free from their lies – I wish you all the best in your quest for the truth. […]


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