Facebook Falseness

facebook falseness

Wouldn’t it be refreshing if Facebook posts were more real?

Can you imagine what it would be like if people’s posts on Facebook were less false and superficial and more honest?

“Look at this super steak I’m eating!” (Most of it’s stuck in my teeth and the mushrooms are giving me wind.)

“My intelligent son passed his chemistry exam!” (He failed Biology, History, Maths & German)

“This is my cute kitten. Don’t I have the most fluffy and adorable pet?” (It threw up all over the kitchen floor this morning and has really bad breath.)

Here’s a picture of me and my bestie. (She still hasn’t given me back those stilettos I lent her 5 months ago. Cow.)

“Night night everyone.” (Yes, I’m that lonely that I have to log on here to let you know I’m going to sleep.)

I just got promotion! I’m Managing Director now and have 16 staff under me. (I stepped over most of them to get the job. I sucked-up to the boss and spread lies about them to make me look good.)

“Look I’m at the airport!” (There are thousands of people here doing the same thing so I can’t show off to them.)

“Hey, we’re about to get onto the plane.” (I hope you’re reading this even though it’s 2am, because it makes me feel good knowing that tomorrow you’re gonna catch a cold while I catch a tan.)

“Wow, I ran half a marathon in 20 minutes! Can’t wait to do the 100K because I am so fit!” (I’ve lost 40lbs. I’ve lost 4 knee ligaments. I’ve lost my mind.)

“Here’s a magnificent view from our balcony.” (Nothing to do: hubby’s being boring, kids are playing up and I’m really missing Eastenders.)

“Look at my beautiful cupcakes. Aren’t I talented?” (I’ve even managed to cover up the burn marks with a great dollop of icing.)

Yay! Look at all my qualifications. Aren’t I smart? (My personality’s awful though. I’ve got a bad temper,  I’m very disloyal to my friends, neglective to my children and disrespectful to my elderly parents.)

“Check my new website!” (I’ve not sold anything but it looks impressive, dunnit?)

“Oh, my sweet babe is off to university! Cambridge of course.” (He chose there because drugs are easier to get hold of in the south.)

“Oh, mine is off to Edinburgh to study law!” (It was the uni farthest away from home because she can’t wait to escape from me.)

“Yes, I’m lounging by the pool relaxing in the hot sun and when I get too warm, I’m gonna put down my ice-cold cocktail and dip into that clear, blue cool water.” (Not calm at all. It’s too noisy and crowded, I’m wondering if we’ve been burgled and how are we gonna pay for this holiday when we get back? I’ll have to work extra shifts – ugh!)

“Oh, my little boy is so funny! He said this and said that and said this and said that…” (and I’ve just clouted him because he’s just been insolent.)

“And this is what I’m having for tea. Yes, I have the most amazing oven and great culinary skills.” (Husband didn’t like it and toddler spat it out.)

“This is me relaxing at home in my pretty house that is oh, so tidy. ” (That brown stain on the wall behind me, which I’m desperately trying to hide, is half the food toddler spat out yesterday.)

“My little girl is growing up to be such a sophisticated young lady! She’s got an award for this and a trophy for that and a certificate for the other…(Still sucks her thumb and her bedroom is a pigsty.)

“Hey look, I’m friends with all these celebrities! Looks like I chose the best career path.” (My life sucks and so does theirs, but someone somewhere must be jealous of me surely?)

It takes too much effort to try to pretend to have the perfect life. I’m not saying social media should become a platform of misery and woe, but come on, let’s get real – most people have: battled with spots, baby weight, mouth ulcers, hairy legs, thinning hair, an obstinate child, bobbly jumpers, boredom, loneliness, feeling odd in a crowd, lethargy, business failure, flatulence, a horrible restaurant, poor sales on their website, tasteless food, unfulfilled dreams, torn dressing gowns, dry skin, cheap boots, wet socks, miserable children, mediocre school reports, an un-cute baby and disloyal friends.

 “…but let the one who boasts boast in this, that he understands and knows Me [and acknowledges Me and honours Me as God and recognizes without any doubt], that I am the Lord who practices lovingkindness, justice and righteousness on the earth, for in these things I delight,” says the Lord. (Jeremiah 9:24)

If you regularly visit social media and end up wondering why you feel worse afterwards, know that you don’t really know what’s going on in people’s lives. Don’t take things to heart too much, as humans have a weakness for:

  1. Attention seeking
  2. Subtle bragging
  3. Putting up walls
  4. Wearing masks

The next time you’re bored or feeling nosey and tempted to log in to see what’s going on, remind yourself you are not missing out on cool conversations – just trivia most of the time. (I’m not talking about specific pages that are helpful, such as charities, medical, life-coaching & psychology.) Instead, try getting a piece of paper and listing 60 things you are grateful for and 70 things you are blessed with that many people around the world are not. You’d be shocked at how quickly you fill up your sheet.

In a nutshell, social sites like Facebook would be more interesting if there were less superficial posts – but as that won’t change, let us change what we do with our spare time.


  1. An important post. I’ve always referred to it as ‘FakeBook’. A good pal of mine calls it ‘BragBook.’ She suspends her account when she is depressed as it makes her feel a million times worse. I’ve even seen the use of Facebook destroy marriages. I tend to think that we should use all social media sparingly. And reflect on what you say above. We should keep it in balance. I think now more than ever, we need that old hymn ‘Dear Lord and Father Of Mankind’ (and esp. that ‘still small voice of calm’!)

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  2. Oh my gosh – this was not only hilarious but also SO TRUE!!! Love it! I deleted my FB account about three years back and just re started it a few months ago – best thing to take a break. Now I just need to really focus on not being sucked into that world!

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    • Yes it’s so easy to get drawn into the ridiculous newsfeed. One thing that helps me is that I think of people I need to catch up on – people who live far away and who I’m not in email contact with and I go directly to their posts to see if there is any news to catch up on – but even that is dangerous to do sometimes. Thanks for your encouragement and thanks for taking the time to add your thoughts. xx

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  3. Hi Sharon!

    I have felt the same way in the past and have closed both my Twitter and Facebook accounts more than a few times.

    Today I have a different perspective regarding social media. Instead of focusing on what others are doing, I focus on using social media as a means to share my faith in God and give him all the glory for the many times and many ways he has pulled my fat out of the various pits I willingly and enthusiastically jumped into over the years. 🙂

    I only have 15 friends on Facebook, and I actually know each and every one of them. I used to have a lot more, but hardly knew any of them and got tired of wading through the minutiae that collected on my timeline as a result. And while I have over 700 followers on Twitter, I only follow-back those that, like myself, use their Twitter account to encourage fellow believers in Christ and to give God the glory for all the many ways he works to brings us all into his loving, compassionate arms. \o/

    One thing I have learned over the years is that if I focus on the problem, then that’s all I can see. If I focus on the Solution (God), then my vision clears and the journey of life becomes a joy, instead of an impossible mission.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog. Grace and peace to you and yours.


    • Hi Karl. Thanks for sharing your comments. It sounds like you’re doing the right thing and are very organised with all your social media. Maybe you could write a 10 tips thing? I’m looking forward to reading more of your posts. God bless.


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