The Effects of an Abortion

The effects of an abortion

As I stated in one of my previous posts, there are many understandable reasons why women choose to have an abortion. The effects of such a drastic action is devastating for them, but they don’t know that at the moment they are walking into surgery.

As Christians, it is imperative that we approach this subject with compassion, discretion and grace.

No extreme is healthy. Too much talk about grace without mentioning the importance of repentance is not helpful, but neither is too much talk about murder, and shame without mentioning mercy, forgiveness and divine emotional healing that is available for every woman.

Before the abortion, the devil has a crafty way of telling them it’s their choice, their body and their right. But afterwards he plagues them with accusation like sharp arrows labelled, ‘Cruelty’, ‘Selfishness’, ‘Murder’ and ‘Evil’. Ironic that the author of evil should be so intent on accusing others, but that’s his nature and millions fall for his tricks every day.

Jesus wants to release such women from the dungeon of regret and remorse. The chains that bind them to their guilt  are heavy and fastened on tight, but Jesus has the key that can set them free.

When every part of his body was bleeding on the cross, he was thinking of them just as much as every other sinner who ever walked this planet.

Let’s not wound the wounded – if Jesus had a heart of mercy and love then so should we.

“Let’s put down our signs, cross over the lines and love like you did.” (Casting Crowns 2012)


We Lied

We told her it’s only muscle,

That’s how the body grows.


Muscle has no fingers,

Two feet and ten toes.


We told her when she discards it,

She’ll forget it was ever there.


She still hears the ‘muscle’ scream,

In her sixty-forth nightmare.


We said it’s not yet human,

A fact that is well-known.


It was agony when the saline

Burned through the flesh right to the bone.


We said,  “It will feel nothing,

Just lie still and stay calm.”


When forceps tugged it,

Ripping off it’s arm.


We said it is harmless,

As she sat in the scary room.


“I can have no more children,

The nurse punctured my womb!”


We put up posters about women’s rights,

In the advice centres we built.


“Why do I hate myself so much?

No-one warned me about the guilt!”


We said she’ll be released,

To get on with her life again.


We forgot to mention trauma,

Depression and emotional pain.


We said she’ll be relieved,

When it’s gone from the sonogram.


She feels sick to the stomach,

Each time she sees a pram.


We said she’ll feel independant,

As free as a wild horse.


She’s addicted to medication,

To help with the remorse.


We said her wicked deed,

Is one God never forgives.


If she asks him for forgiveness,

She will see where her child lives.


After it’s shocking farewell,

It’s happy and at peace.


The kingdom of Heaven,

Where joy will never cease.


We said she must be evil,

To kill a harmless baby.


Would we do the same?

Without Jesus, then maybe.


How can she live her life,

Knowing what she has done?


God let the blood pour out of,

His precious, only son.


He paid for all her sins,

So there’s no need to worry.


From any judgement,

If she is truly sorry.


How can she live her life,

Knowing how her child was treated?


Her Saviour has forgiven her,

Her sin has been deleted.


sweeter than honeyxx


  1. Great post. Loved the poem. I congratulate you for being honest about the emotional pain involved in a woman’s decision to have an abortion.

    Be Encouraged!


  2. Reblogged this on Called to be a Writer and commented:
    With this being a new year—a time for beginnings, for starting over, for trying something new, for getting rid of the old and starting fresh, for recommitting yourself to a task, to recovery, or to a closer relationship with God—this poignant post and poem from Sharon at seemed fitting, probably because it’s about an ending—ending an unexpected or unwanted pregnancy, ending a life, and the loss and guilt that can linger from that choice for decades—but also about the new beginning that can be yours when you give all that regret and despair to the Lord. For those considering abortion or trying to recover after having already made that decision, I hope this helps you realize you are not alone and you are loved by a gracious, forgiving God. Despite the situation you find yourself in and despite what you may have already done or had done to you, Jesus is waiting with open arms. All you have to do is run to Him and ask for the forgiveness He so freely gives.

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  3. This post was So well written. I believe the post and the fantastic poem captures and expresses so much of this present day tragedy. Being a 63 year old man with Parkinson’s disease, I am somewhat limited in what I can do to try to stop these baby’s from being killed and their mothers and father’s from being hurt. But I’m only limited physically. I continue to pray that the blind eyes will be opened and this holocaust will end. Thank you again for such a thoughtful and well written post. BTW… I wrote a story I posted on my site titled ” Cries From Heaven.” I would be honored to have you read it, if you get a chance.

    Liked by 1 person

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