Stormzy Hypocrisy – Blinded By Grace

stormzy hypocrisy blinded by grace

No wonder non-believers are confused as to what a Christian is. Stormzy is a young black man who is currently at number one in the U.K. pop charts with his song: Blinded By Your Grace Part Two. This is aptly named. If the blessings of God’s grace make us think we can sing about his love and salvation but in all our other songs on the album, use the most expletive language ever spoken, sing about vulgarity, obnoxiously brag about our popularity, crudely boast about drunkenness and use the F -word and Mother-word so liberally, that we appear no different from any other rapper, then we truly are blind.

This much-loved song gives the blatant impression that the writer is a worshipper of Jesus who is grateful for his salvation and wanting to humbly acknowledge his grace. But the other 14 tracks on his album, Gang Signs & Prayer (Stormzy lyrics: contain such X-rated lyrics that the album is nothing short of profane.

God’s grace is not supposed to blind us to the truth. It is supposed to set us free from our old way of talking and acting so we are actually giving him glory and honouring his holy name. Yes, none of us are perfect, yes, we still slip up, yes, we have our weaknesses and struggles. But this is deliberate hypocrisy.

Non-believers who are fooled into thinking this is the way Christians behave, are likely to fall into depression by  assuming that Jesus has nothing better to offer than the gift of a dirty mind and a foul mouth – we are supposed to be different from the world, so that people who are desperate for a better way can have hope.

Unfortunately, if certain public preachers carry on spurting out heresy about how repentance is not necessary and once you say yes to Jesus you can live your life how you want, then more people like Stormzy will rise up thinking there’s nothing wrong in singing about God’s love while living like a foul-mouthed Atheist. And more followers and fans of these people will have a shock when their heart throbs it’s last beat. I feel so sorry for these people. God is gracious and forgiving but he demands holiness.

In his defence, I do not know the man personally and he may be struggling with his faith or new to Christianity and just finding his feet. I do not want to become a *Pharisee, judging others for their shortcomings when I have very many of my own. I hope he finds the courage to get on one side or the other, because his behaviour at present indicates he is sitting on the fence and not knowing what he wants to be.

So, without judging him in my heart and going by facts only, Stormzy’s song lyrics are repulsive and his apparent witness for Christ is an embarrassment.

Have a blessed day.



*Pharisee: the religious men in the time of Jesus who were spiritual hypocrites.



  1. Don’t know who Joseph Prince is, but you are right…there are many false prophets. It’s easier to spot the blatantly open ones as opposed to the sneaky sinister ones who say, and do, all the right things, for all the wrong reasons. Sounds odd, but I hope if Jesus burst onto the seen today that I would recognize Him. The religious people of Jesus’ day didn’t recognize him because in many cases He didn’t fit their mold.

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  2. Firstly, I am not a fan of Stormzy.

    To declare that an atheist swears, that somehow swearing is indicative of a lack of morals in any way, is misguided at best. The guy, I’ll refer to him as an artist, as anyone who can make it at that level of popularity has an awareness of what art is, comes from the working class of Britain.

    The working classes are demonised in the press. The working class is no longer a clear cut definition, in a time when austerity is at its height and people are being squeezed for every penny, there has to be an outlet. Here’s the podcast from the BBC, Darren McGarvey speaks out about the subdividions within the working class: That outlet, at its healthiest is music. It may not be the music of the righteous, that declares undying love for a theoretical being, it is the music that tells others of the struggles that an individual goes through.

    The working class, from which Stormzy hails, is not the privileged class, working class children are now disadvantaged when it comes to University level education, thanks to the Government’s and Universities hiking of tuition fees. Deprivation among the working class is rife, their outlets are not always healthy. Street culture is survival of the fittest. Stormzy, himself said: “A-Levels that showed me that in life you need work ethic” (taken from his Wikipedia page). He has worked hard to get where he is. Is his achievement any different to someone in the workplace getting the promotions to the higher echelons? No. He’s making a living off his talent.

    You, yourself, write about depression, anxiety. Your God gives you guidance, your God is your belief. Your God is the righteous voice in your head, to others it might be called a conscience.

    To denigrate someone for swearing, even alluding to the words is a hypocrisy in its own right, the simple use of the word: profanity would have sufficed, but you choose to give full details of the language he uses, to demonstrate your outrage or otherwise. That is your choice, as it is Stormzy’s choice to use such language. Consider this: when you are part of a downtrodden culture, subculture, how else are you to express your outrage at what is happening in the world. Yes, the guy might confess to having drunken nights and similar binges of, what you might refer to as unhealthy, but writing about that is part of a therapy. He may be trying to assert himself as the pinnacle of masculinity, he may also be saying to the world: this is what I have been through, yet here I am, still standing. You are persecuting him for what he is doing. You are demonising him, because of his use of language.

    The world, at large, is full of contradictions, your President, is currently retweeting comments about Racism. America, supposed land of the free, now governed over by a man who openly tweets about Racism. Wasn’t Trump’s election slogan: Make America Great Again? Contradiction? Conflict of interest? It is up to the individual to live a life that is subject to morals, a moral code, a conscience. You call that voice God, I call it a conscience.

    Back in 2004, William Grim published an article called Aesthetics of Hate, R.I.P. Dimebag Abbott, Goodbye & Good Riddance. For ease: here’s the article, it’s lovely, educated, learned, thoroughly balanced and embracing of all, reading: . The article was first published on a website called The Iconoclast … seriously, go look it up. Let me put this in first: for someone who is so enamoured with the *King*, cites bible references, cannot even be bothered to type the word ‘and’ … doesn’t that denigrate his entire article, because of misuse of language? The article itself hails, upholds the man who killed Dimebag … isn’t that a contradiction, when one of your commandments is “Thou Shalt Not Kill”. I can hear the, “oh, yes, but, he doesn’t speak for all of us”. If you care to read the article or not, no concern of mine, it piles hate on the guitarist and those who love his music. Isn’t hating people, the opposite of what the bible preaches? That Christians should love each other and your neighbours? Contradiction in terms, don’t you think?

    You may massively disapprove of Stormzy for his use of language, yet his message appeals to you, let that message speak. His music may not appeal to you, if it doesn’t then let it slide. If the lyrics offend you, then leave it alone.


    • Hi there Village Thirty One,

      Thank you for stopping by to comment on this post. It’s always fun to hear other people’s take on things.

      I apologise for your misunderstanding about Atheists – many people swear and I wasn’t alluding that this is just pertaining to them. I was meaning that his actions don’t match his words and he is more of an Atheist in his behaviour than a Christian.

      Secondly, I don’t care if he’s working class or the Queen of England – it’s his behaviour I’m highlighting, not whether Stormzy has beans for tea or caviar.

      Your comments are quite lengthy, covering many different subjects, so I will summarise my reply by saying that I couldn’t care less who swears in their songs – you have totally misunderstood what you read. But when someone is on neither one side or the other like this man, that IS hypocrisy. If he wants to use profanity that’s up to him, but when he indicates this is how a Christian should behave, that is to be called into question.

      Village Thirty One, you don’t need to quote me his popularity ratings – that’s totally irrelevant. Hitler had a massive following and so does the Devil. And everybody knows people’s interpretation of art is very subjective – haven’t you been to an art gallery and seen scribbles selling for millions?

      It is not possible for me to respond to any further parts of your content because it is far too long and way off topic.

      Thank you anyway for taking time to vent your feelings. I hope you feel better for it now.

      By the way, Donald Trump is not my president – I don’t live in the USA.

      Kind regards,
      Sharon xx

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    • True. I’m sure you’re like me – wanting to keep a sort account, as we never know when it’s our time to meet our Maker.
      I love the epistles for that – whenever I read them, I get convicted about something. 🙂


  3. I’m an atheist as the means of religion but I don’t want to argue about Jesus. I believe in higher good though. I believe in words having power and that negative words bring negative, and positive words bring positive, let’s say circumstances (feelings, reactions, associations, people…). So I choose my words carefully and avoid negative words. But I also avoid negative people and it can’t do, to turn a blind eye and say negative people are in the wrong, they should change. Maybe they should but others need to show them there’s the other way and it’s not against them. I don’t do it enough.

    I think a discussion is good, pointing out the problems is good, learning from each other is good. Showing your feelings is good and I like you are taking a stand. We can’t let negativity pass. We need to let people with different opinions (or phrasing preferences) be but we need to tell them it bothers us. We live on this planet too, we share the same space, and deserve our share of freedom (“one’s freedom ends where the other’s starts).

    ps. I might be incoherent, it’s 4 am here. And know I don’t reply to the point of the article and you can nevermind.


    • Hi Mosbird. Wow, you have done really well! If I attempted to write at that time of the morning, my words would not make sense, but yes, your message was coherent and I think I understood what you were trying to say. Thanks for stopping by and joining in on the ‘conversation’. Your thoughts are always welcome. God bless.


  4. This is what I thought, how can you thank God for all the “blessings” whilst still remaining in the thug lifestyle. Clearly not blessings from God but gifts from the prince of this world.


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