Christmas Gift

christmas gift

Whether you’re depressed, anxious, lonely, suicidal, angry, abused, the abuser, traumatised, cynical, unbelieving or very happy indeed, Christmas is God’s special time to remind his creation that he loves them very much.

Yes you. You with all your hang-ups, flaws, weaknesses, foibles and sins.

He sent Jesus into this world because he had you on his heart. Whether you care or not, whether you believe or not, Jesus is God’s undeserved gift to you.

I don’t wish you happy holidays – I wish you happy Christmas because without Christ in your life, it has no meaning.

One day, I may be murdered for making such a bold statement, along with many others who declare the same thing. Millions have already been slaughtered for telling the truth. Christians are seen as arrogant and closed-minded, but the truth is the truth. I make no apology for telling you that Jesus is the Lord of the earth and Christmas is about him, not presents and food and board games.

I’m not perfect – I eat too much chocolate before dinner, I pout if I lose at Monopoly, I watch too many soppy films then wonder why I have eye-strain, I lose my bible in a gift bag, I forget to phone distant relatives, I run away from those who do phone because I don’t know what to say to them, I over-focus on what I’m going to spend my vouchers on, I gloat when I win at The Hare & Tortoise, I fight with my sister Michelle over what Christmas songs to play, I talk all the way through the Queen’s speech, I take a five minute sneak-peak at Eastenders then hypocritically claim it’s rubbish, I cheat at Mexican Trains by stealing my Michelle’s dominoes , I eat sweets in bed, I go to sleep too late and I grumble when it doesn’t snow.

I wish you a great time, even though I’m aware some of you will be on your own, some will be bereaving loved-ones who died during this season and some will just be feeling plain miserable. God is looking down on you with compassion because Christmas is really about how much he loves you to give you the gift of Jesus.



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