Where Did God Come From?

Where did God come from

Hello everyone,

I hope you are having a fantastic day and if you are not, I hope it gets better very soon.

We have already established that depression can occur for many different reasons. For some however, their plight is acute and long-lasting owing to the fact that they simply do not believe that there is a God in Heaven who created them and loves them dearly.

Not being able to ask the One Supreme Being for help in times of greatest distress, is unspeakably tragic. And by not believing that there is a living God who not only can help us, but wants to, must leave the depressed one blaming all the world’s problems on either fate or an evil deity who doesn’t really care. Therefore, if we blame him for the millions of starving children, earthquakes, hurricanes, bush fires, tsunamis, war, disease, horrific injuries, human trafficking and death, we are not going to expect him to want to help little old us with our feelings of sadness and despair.

To have no hope in God is to have nothing. To have hope the wrong thing is folly. To hope in the God of the universe who is beyond science and cannot be put into a box, is to hope in someone who can turn the darkest trauma into the happiest victory and give us peace where once depression took hold with a firm grip.

The video below was filmed at an Evolution vs. Creation convention. The second guy’s answer is a truth that will set many depressed Athiests free if they will only open their heart to hear what the spirit of God is saying to them. There should be no ‘thumb on nose with waggling fingers and protruding tongue’ moments when Christians are trying to explain ‘God’. Some may act like that, but really this is a case of lovingly trying to explain to those who claim to have scientific intellect, that their reasoning is actually foolish, because when they die it will get them nowhere nice.

The first man’s questions prove that it doesn’t matter how many letters one has after their name, how long one spent at university, or how many intellectual awards one has been given – mankind can be too clever for his own good and in reality, one has no spiritual intellect at all if he comes to the conclusion that evolution is to be believed.

My heartfelt prayer for you is that the scales will fall from your eyes to reveal the one who knit you together in your mother’s womb. God loves that doubting professor very much indeed and is not up on high waiting to zap him for his disrespect. He has been given an intelligent mind that unfortunately has been misguided for probably a great many years. But he is not to be scorned or criticised but pitied. If depression ever gets a hold of him, he will have nowhere to stand and nothing to cling to but his pile of false theories. He needs Jesus to set him free so he can be the person he was created to be.

Whatever has happened to you to make you a depression sufferer, you can be set free when the reality hits you – that there is a God who made you, loves you and wants to help your heart smile again. I wish you all the best.









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