This is NOT Autism Awareness

this is not autism awareness

This is a re-blog from Light-bites For Your Heart. It can be very depressing for people on the autistic spectrum to realise that a false perspective of this condition is being broadcast. I hope in some way we can help dispell these ideas so that they can receive the understanding they deserve. Thanks for your support by taking the time to read this:



Light-bites For Your Heart

this is NOT autism awareness

In Autumn last year I said farewell to you all, as I have started a new blog focussing on anxiety and depression (which can be found here)  However, despite the fact that I stopped posting on this site, I am still getting a regular flow of new followers. So I would like to honour those newcomers by reviving this blog in the way of adding a new post on here today.

It’s hard to drag myself away from the topic of depression because that is where my heart lies and over the past 8 months I have met hundreds of lovely people who are going through various stages of this affliction – from overcomers fighting against a relapse, then the mildly melancholy, to those on the brink of suicide.

But I’m going to talk about


So, it was Autism Awareness Day last week. My 12 year old daughter was shown…

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