It’s Okay to Scream

It's okay to scream

Sometimes, the best thing to do is to sit at the feet of God and silently scream.

If you don't believe in him, do it anyway and he'll hear you. His presence isn't dependant on whether you know he's there or not.

His heart is to comfort everyone - even the unbeliever.


  1. Oh my! That tiny piece says so much, and it is absolutely true! We humans have trouble believing some of God’s most comforting truths. We mistakenly believe God’s love is dependent upon our behavior. If that were true, not one of us would be loved. Thank you for getting this message out!

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  2. I’m happy to here that. “Crying to God!” The best type of screaming you can make. Thanks for a very good piece of advice in the face of any challenge, and thanks for the follow. I so much appreciate it. I’m heading right now to your “About me” Page.

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      • ……, but there is no like ‘Like’ or Comment box there. This is to quickly notice those that have visited it. Best wishes and regards!


      • ……, but there is no ‘like’ or comment box there. This is to quickly notice those that have visited it.


      • Aha! Thanks for that. You know, I never even noticed. My other blog has both on all pages, so I assumed this one would too. Aparently I have to install a plug-in which is far too techy for me, so I shall just have to leave things as there are. But thanks for the heads-up.


      • Thanks Peter for taking the time to try to help me. You are very kind – people are usually too busy to bother with such silly computer phobes 🙂 I did actually try to customize it and like I said with my other blog, it gives me this option, but not with this theme. But what I have done is added a friendly ‘disclaimer’ at the bottom of that post and I am happy to leave things like that. But I really appreciate your advice. The WP Happiness Engineers are always very good at helping with techy stuff too and if I encounter a further problem in the future, I’ll contact them. Have a blessed weekend.


  3. My mother had a very special bond with God. She used to write psalmi, as she was a poet. I never truly understood her belief even tho she did try to teach us about it. As children it was easier to feel closer to God and close our eyes and keep the bond strong. Now I don’t feel much, it’s just silence and my screams don’t seem to break any windows. Maybe my speech is too weak as my self confidence is so low these days. I do wish that one day I’ll be able to sit down and speak with God and hear Her Scream.


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