A Very Good School

A Very Good School

I’m not too proud to admit that I was wrong.

In my last post I was bemoaning the fact that I felt I had received insensitive treatment from the teachers of my 12 year old daughter’s school, after she had suffered a bad case of anxiety.

I was called into the school today to be told that she did not need to participate in Sports Day if she did not want to and that we should have called them to make them aware of her anxieties. They said they would have put her in a workshop class where she would have had the opportunity to do art therapy, cooking, literacy and more.

They have also provided her with a pass that allows her to take time-out of any class whenever she is feeling overwhelmed. Apparently quite a few children already have this kind of pass and even though many don’t actually use it, it is comforting for them to know they have that option should things get too much for them.

I am happy and grateful and I am happy to put the record straight and say I was wrong to say they did not care.

This is a good school.

A big thank you to all those of you who offered your support and encouragement on here:



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It means a lot and I am blessed to know you cared enough to leave a comment. May God bless you back abundantly.



  1. Golly! What a fabulous school … I haven’t read the previous post yet, but am very impressed that they have something in place for children who have a crisis or just a little blip. That’s great. I wish my school had been the same. 😬


    • Hi Katie. Well…yes and no. It IS great that they have something in place, but their communication and verbal empathy is diabolical. For instance, they promised to give her a revised timetable last Friday that will help her while the majority of students have gone off on a day trip (she’s stressed that she’ll have no-one to go round with and not know which classes to go to. Her friends aren’t going on the trip either, but their parents are keeping them off. We decided to send her in.) Then they don’t deliver. When I emailed on Tues asking where the timetable is, there is no apology – just a standard answer, and completely contrary to what I was told 3 days before. I was even promised that she’d be given a paper copy as well as an electronic one for the notice board. The timetables never arrived , so we kept her off today. Like another mum said…they only care about the kids that make the school look good. Sad, but true. But yes, I agree with you that the schools of the past would have been far better if they put things in place to help those suffering from anxiety. I guess they cannot work miracles and there will always be stresses, but it does help to know she doesn’t have to participate in the stuff that turns her doolally. Thanks for taking the time to add your thoughts.

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      • Awww crikey why can’t people do what they say they’ll do, and do their jobs properly, have some common sense and empathy. I’m sorry you’ve had to have this happen to you all. Xx


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