The Joys of Autumn

The Joys of Autumn

Autumn, Fall, Early Winter or whatever you call it, has never been something I liked when I was a kid. All I could see were wet leaves stuck to everything and a cloudy sky which meant winter was fast approaching.

Today, as I sweep up the leaves on our driveway, I see beautiful colours blowing gently off the trees and landing by my feet to say hello. The crusty sound under my broom is comforting as I think of cosy warm fires, the fun of Christmas, fond memories of singing harvest-time songs at school and the cycle of new birth.

It seems that older people are more likely to appreciate Autumn than younger ones, as I have rarely heard a gasp of delight about this wonderful season from a less mature person, unless they are an artist, songwriter or poet. Maybe there’s something profound about that, or maybe I’m totally wrong.

I love reading positivity blogs and if you are struggling with depression today, I would like to encourage you to read these two posts below by my dear blogger friend Cobwebs. I don’t care if my Google ranking goes down because you have bounced over onto her site. And if you remain there, even better, because she’s enough to make the saddest person smile.

Ever since Post No.2, I have been making myself take time to stop and smell the flowers, because like Autumn, I can easily miss the beauty of the things around me – things lovingly sent my way by God, but dismissed because of the distraction from the cares of this world.

Now Cobs hasn’t asked me to show you these posts of hers…I was going to reblog them on my other site, but as they are ‘depression busting’, it seemed more appropriate to share them with you on here. I do hope that you will be able to pick up the heart of what she is saying and the wonders of the truth that if we take time to see the things God blesses us with every day, our anxieties and woes will be greatly diminished.

Have a very blessed day!


Post No. 1 ‘Eloquent Acorns’


“Nature sends us Postcards all day every day, but unless you look up and see these Postcards, then you’ll miss them and not see the miracles that these Postcards hold.” (Cobwebs)

Post No.2 Take Time to Stop and Smell the Flowers

This is a crafting post, but the card captures the sentiment perfectly.

The Joys of Autumn


    • Hi Stephanie, yes I know what you mean about it reminding us of uncomfortable things. I used to be like that until I saw the beauty in every season, especially if you live in a country where 11 months of the year are mostly cold and wet. Thanks for stopping by – it’s always great to hear from you 🙂

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