What Is, The Rhyming Drama Book?

Who was it written for?

The RDB is for anyone who likes acting in biblical plays and for those who work in schools, youth groups or churches, who love getting children together to perform short sketches with a biblical theme/moral conclusion.

Ideal ages

The ideal age is from 12 years old to adult, but younger children can also be included, as there are many small parts in each play.


So what’s the rhyming bit? Well, I love writing rhyming poetry, so I thought it would be fun to have a large part of each story in rhyme. It also helps those who are nervous of forgetting their lines to remember them more readily.

I am quite fussy when it comes to poetry and do not like prose that uses visual rhymes (like many old hymns rhyming ‘word’ with ‘Lord’) nor do I like imposter rhyming such as, ‘together’/’forever’. I challenge you to take a look and see that the book is not littered with repetitive common rhymes and therefore each play is carefully crafted to ensure an interesting and fresh read.


The two longest plays are, The Story of Esther and The Story of Joseph. Naturally, these also contain narrative parts to ensure that the whole story is covered. So, there is a part for a narrator, who will ideally stand to the left side of the stage (audience perspective). These parts can be shared between two or three people if desired, as their dialogue shall be read out from a sheet of paper/scroll and does not need to be memorised.

Number included in book

There are 13 plays in all, 8 of which are directly based on biblical stories and 5 which are based on biblical moral themes.

Biblical accuracy

It is important to me that bible stories are not tampered with, so I have studied each story in order to maintain the integrity of the message.

What about props and costumes?

Each play comes with a list of suggested props and costumes, so you don’t have the stress of trying to think how you can make it look authentic on a tight budget. All costumes and props suggested should be items that are readily available around your home or the home of your performers.

How do I direct?

There are director’s notes that accompany each play and to make it easier, this is situated directly after each sketch. The notes explain where everyone should be standing, the direction they should be facing and particular facial expressions, hand gestures or tones of voice the actor should be using. To ensure these instructions do not become monotonous or confusing, I have only advised on gestures when it would compliment the character the actor is portraying or when it is necessary for them to show a certain attitude or feeling. Other than that, *I know that the director will have good knowledge of the story and will therefore happily be able to direct the actors accordingly.

*Bible references

Bible references are provided for each play and for the plays that are only based on a biblical theme, references are given that relate to these subjects.

Book size

Being quite a chunky book, the RDB is not available as an e-book, but you can still obtain the sketches for free.


By clicking this link: www.rhymingdrama.wordpress.com you will be taken to an online version of the RDB where you can print off the sketches of your choice. This link takes you to the homepage of a blog version of the Rhyming Drama Book and it explains how you can easily navigate your way around the pages. Whatever page of the book you are on, you can quickly flick back to the Contents Page by simply clicking on the Homepage tab at the top. You can also find the sketch you want by the title or the subject.

Contact Me

There is a contact page where you can communicate with me if you have any queries or comments. Please do let me know if you have performed any plays, whether you were an actor, costume changer, curtain puller or director. Other links: Amazon author page


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