What Makes You Feel Manly?

Okay guys, what’s on your list? Tick as many as you like below:

Owning a big, scary dog.

Having snakes as pets.

Participating in rough, physical sports like boxing, rugby, American football, martial arts.

Using bad language.

Being able to cut someone down with a sharp tongue full of expletives.

Being a high-flying executive.

Having your own office with many staff under you.

Being a home provider – bringing in a wage that affords your family the finer things in life.

Passing a rigorous S.A.S. training programme.

Killing the enemy in a war – defending your country.

Raising children who become adults with impressive qualifications and careers.

Walking your daughters down the aisle.

Knowing you paid for the wedding without needing a bank loan.

Being told that you’re a great lover.

Becoming a weight-lifting champion.

Having sired many children.

Wearing business suits and designer clothes.

Having the power to send someone to prison.

Having the power to sentence someone to death.

Having the power to fire someone from their job.

Winning a sports game at international level.

Being physically strong.


Securing a recording deal.

Becoming a model.

Being good at D.I.Y.

Having a cool swagger / fancy way of walking.

Having an arm full of tattoos.

Smoking weed.

Being able to drink more pints of beer than your mates.

Having large muscles.

Being a gang leader.

Wearing thick, gold jewellery.

Having a designer watch.

Having a gold tooth.

Being a warlock.

Being an ex-inmate / having a criminal record.

Having a sexy girlfriend.

Having slept with a large number of women.

Having a beautiful wife.

Being a computer whizz.

Owning a mansion.

Being able to endure horror films without emotional repercussions.

Having a flashy car.

Being able to fly an aeroplane.

Did some make you feel guilty? Did your own sense of morality tell you that a few on the list were undesirable?

Whatever you ticked and however they made you feel, know this one thing:



Sample Chapter taken from A Manly Man, Chapter Two: What Makes You Feel Manly?

USA Amazon author age: https://amzn.to/3axyzpp

UK Amazon author page: https://amzn.to/2XHzfGi

Photograph Copyright Accreditation:

Car: Tesla Model X. By Franz 12/Shutterstock.com

Boxer: By Gleb Krasnoborov from Pexels.com

Bible verse: Sharon Butt


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