A Prayer For You

Lord, I lift up those who are feeling sad today.

Those who constantly want to sit in a corner and cry, and for those who feel hopeless, despite trying to focus on the good things around them. I pray for those who feel like there is a big black cloud that follows them wherever they go and those who are putting a face on to hide how they are truly feeling.

Heavenly Father, we know that we should not focus on our feelings, but have faith for the things that cannot yet be seen, but it is very hard for them right now. Their spirit is so crushed and bruised that there seems no way out of this melancholy. Don’t let it drag them down, Lord. Uphold them with your understanding. Remind them that they do not need to find words to describe to you, the darkness of their soul. Help them to find a way to pull away from company so they can draw closer to you.

Thank you that you do indeed fathom why they are battling with these horrible feelings. Where they need to confess the sin of ungratefulness, jealousy, offence, or self-pity, please lead them with your tender mercy, to the place of forgiveness, so that they can rise above guilt, condemnation and the fear of becoming bitter.

Lord, you know their heart is to please you. They want to praise you for who you are, despite how they feel. You know it doesn’t have to be a song, nor a spoken psalm. Help them to find a method of praising you in their current weakness and give them the reassurance that you hear sighs, cries and silent praise just as perfectly as the loudest song.

Meet them where they are at and help them to feel your tangible comfort. Forgive us for always seeking  an obvious sign of your love. Help us to use the faith you have given us, to believe that you care even when our earthly circumstances seems to contradict that.

Provide them with the most relevant psalm, song, encouraging person, memory or bible verse that they desperately need right now.

It is great to realise that you know us better than we could ever decipher ourselves. You know the cause and trigger for each and every bit of sadness that floods their being. May that truth be a comfort to them.

Dear God, thank you for giving us your son, Jesus, to experience what it is like to live in a fallen world, full of things that can cause endless sorrow.

Comfort those who are battling misery because of a sense of failure – those who feel they have failed you, their children or others. Those who have failed in business or a relationship.

Comfort those who are feeling guilty because their inaction or actions have affected others, and they feel deep regret that they cannot turn the clock back.

Comfort those who are feeling rejected. You know those who have been victim of rejection since childhood and may have continued to suffer this in various forms throughout their lives. May your unconditional acceptance of them as people, reassure them that you are always ready to forgive and restore. Heal those deeply ingrained wounds that only you can see.

Comfort the lonely, the isolated, the traumatised, the hurting and those feeling humiliation. Lord, I also lift up all those who are frustrated with their physical appearance, their limitations and weaknesses.

Deliver them from this heavy torment. You alone know how it weighs them down.

Open their eyes to see their Saviour. Open their ears to hear your consoling voice. Open their bibles so they can soak in your words of hope.

Give them strength to face today. Holy Spirit, please touch them with your love and compassion, assuring them that everything’s going to be okay. Remove the sense of foreboding as they draw up beside you. Remove fear, dread and lies that tell them these feelings of woe will last forever.

May they begin to view things from your perspective and see that the room they are trapped in is not locked. Give them strength to turn around and find the way out. May they see the enemy army in the light of your eyes – marshmallow swords, plastic guns and bombs filled with cotton wool.

Let them be reassured once more that it is okay to not sprint in the race of life. That in this season, crawling is good if that is all they can do right now.

May they hear you calling their name and looking into their eyes, just like you did to Mary when she was weeping at the tomb.

Thank you for being our consolation. You truly are the hope that helps us breathe. Thank you Lord for caring when nobody else seems to. Thank you for listening when no-one else can be bothered to understand. Thank you for being the hiding place we can run to when it all gets too much.

We love you Lord. Thank you for healing the broken-hearted, being a father to the fatherless, a defender of widows, and the rock on which we stand.

May we never forget to lift our eyes to the hills, for our help comes from the Maker of Heaven and Earth. We will wait on you Lord and be of good courage because when we do, you will strengthen our hearts.

You truly are a very present help in the time of need.

Thank you for hearing this prayer for all those finding it hard to smile on the inside.

I ask all these things in the precious name of our lord Jesus Christ,





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