Keep Smiling!

Have you ever smiled at someone who didn’t smile back? They gave you brief eye contact, but quickly diverted their gaze, so that they didn’t have to make you feel as happy as you were trying to make them feel.

This happens to many. It’s not so bad if it is in a public area where you aren’t expected to know anybody. But there are places where people are supposed to have kind hearts and should show it by smiling back. Like churches.

The more sensitive the smiler is, the more knocked-back they feel when this simple act of love is not reciprocated. Are you sensitive? If you are not, that may be why you don’t remember this happening to you, or if it did, why you are not fazed by it. But if you are truly sensitive, you are already feeling a little pique.

So why do people often refuse to smile back?

Their mind could be on something else. They are looking at you,but not registering that you are connecting with them because their brain is in overdrive.

They consider people who walk around smiling, to be mental. Of course, you are not grinning all the time, but you are being treated as such. They think you’re acting like you have special needs because in their mind, it’s not cool to smile unless you can’t help it.

They don’t like you and think you’re trying to butter them up.

They don’t really know you, nor want to know you.

They have sensitivity issues themselves and think you are mocking them or actually laughing at them somehow.

They have a hard heart and are annoyed that you are seemingly so happy when they are not.

They are in denial of their arrogance because really, they don’t think you are important enough for them to be seen communicating with you in this way.

They fall into the category of having another reason that I have not thought of.

I saw this quote on Pintrest:

“Better to be the one who smiled than the one who didn’t smile back.”

Let’s take this to heart and be comforted by it.

Don’t let people’s indifference towards your acts of kindness depress you

Rejoice that at least your heart is soft enough to reach out to others with your beautiful smile, even if you never receive one back. Greater still, God sees your efforts to bless others and is smiling back at you in their place.

Have a very blessed day!

Much love,



  1. Great post! It could be upsetting but I think I have ‘ learnt’ not to be bothered and longer by a non smiler because there might be plenty of reasons why they don’t want to smile back..I will go on smiling lol! Blessings and love to you ๐Ÿ’œ๐Ÿงก


  2. Thanks Nickyyab. I responded to this post twice, but on each occasion I got an error message when I tried to send it. So i ditched my phone and decided to come back to the good old trusty pc for correspondence. But of course, I have forgotten what I had originally said. Thanks for taking the time to add your thoughts. They are always welcome. Have a blessed week.


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