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God Loves Children (Amazon USA)

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  1. Loved your video, Sharon! You have such a delightful voice and spirit!
    Thanks for sharing your story! And yes, I have things that make me cringe and wish I had not. Some make feel worse to think of the influence I had on others. I pray for them when God brings them to mind.
    We love watching Doc Martin too! SO hilarious! I actually love his no nonsense.
    I’m not really much of a reader (as much as I would love to some times), but I will look into your book.
    Hope you are safe and well! God loves you!

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    • Hi Gail…it’s always great to hear from you! Hope you are all well. So glad you’re a Doc fan 😊. Yea, I relate to what you said about cringing over the bad influence times. It’s great we have a gracious God who helps us to put things right again isn’t it? No worries about the ‘reading thing’ – we live in such a visual world and I too am struggling to find time to get into a good book. I deliberately made the chapters real short to accomodate for this and hopefully, there’ll be bits that will make you chuckle too. Have a very blessed week – speak soon xxx

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