Ostentatious is Not My Style

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This blog is about depression. My heart has always been to encourage people – especially Christians – to find biblical encouragement that will help ease their anxiety and depression and also, assure them that their condition is no more shameful than having earache or a tickly cough.

Just because I have written 6 books does not mean that I am now going to change my topic and start promoting them like crazy.

I want to stay true to the purpose of being on WordPress, so I have decided to plug the books of others from time to time – books that I believe will directly or indirectly assist you on your journey to complete mental healing.

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The subject of mental health can still be a little taboo amongst ‘saved sinners’, and I enjoy talking to those who are often secretly battling with this dreadful affliction.

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The books I shall review and recommend are those from my own bookshelf. They are from a variety of Christian authors and cover a variety of subjects; but like I stated above, I believe they can be a stepping-stone towards your freedom because they are wonderfully biblical and amazingly inspiring.

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So yes, to conclude, I will add a few chapters of my own from my author website if I feel it is relevant to your uplifting, but I don’t want to become one of those insular sales people who spend their entire time finding ways to subtly wave their products in your face, with the desperate hope that one day, you’ll get the hint and buy their wares.

Does that make sense? Do you have products that are for sale online that you do not like to promote in the same pushy way that most others are doing? Are you fed up of those ‘regular posting’ tactics that you see so many sellers do?

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Business people everywhere would tutt and say,

“Well, you won’t sell your stuff then!”

I would reply,

“If you knew the joy that writing those books brought to my spirit and the continued happiness when I think about how much God helped me write them, format them, edit them, design them, publish them, open the parcel they arrived in and then was blessed myself when I read them, you would not even open your mouth to judge me as being a pathetic sales woman.”

“If you knew what a blessing it is to hear just one reader say to me how much a chapter encouraged them, made them laugh, stimulated their imagination, empowered them and gave them hope, you would not question my apparent lapse attitude towards marketing.”

You may be curious to the point of wanting to hop over to my book website, but then decide to not make a purchase – and that is entirely up to you. I am not going to bring out every ploy in the business world, in order to coerce you to change your mind and press the ‘Buy’ button.

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Similarly, if one of the publications from the authors that I showcase on here, prompts you to feel you want to buy it instead of mine, (I’m not an affiliate nor am I on any commission) so be it – I am happy – genuinely happy, because like me, that other writer wrote a book to bless the lives of others.

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I look forward to hearing about the books that you have read which you have enjoyed. We all know that the best life-changing book is the Bible. So, if that is all you have time to read, don’t feel guilty! Read it. And read it again. It is because of the Author of that book, why I wrote all of mine. I cannot do anything without Jesus.

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Wishing you much joy and plenty blessings.



  1. I’ve never read any books on depression. It took me a long time to see and accept that I was depressed. I knew I struggled some off and on, but I also had issues with fatigue, and my husband has fibromyalgia so I chalked a lot of my symptoms up to my own health issues and circumstances.

    A friend of our family who knew that my husband and I had health issues gave us a book by John MacArthur. I can’t remember the exact title. But it was about suffering. I found it a really difficult read while I was deeply depressed. Depression definitely wasn’t covered in this book. I ended up writing a blog post to express how I was feeling about the lack of coverage on that subject and how it felt to read this book.

    Depression is definitely not covered or discussed enough, so good for you for bringing up the topic and encouraging others in their battles and suffering. God bless you Sharon. ❤


    • Thanks for your message Tina. I don’t know where my first reply disappeared to, but that happens to me from time to time.

      Yes you are right that the subject is not covered enough. It must be hard sometimes to cope with Christian books that are not relevant to you at that precise moment and I guess we all ‘dump’ irrelevant stuff on people at times, thinking that it will help when in reality, it doesn’t.

      I recently watched a long (very long – I think it was over 2 hours!) video on YouTube by Elizabeth Elliot which was about suffering and I thought it was fab! Believe me, my attention span is not good with long videos and I was drawn in and watched it all in one go!

      Her voice, her manner and the things she says were so relaxing. She is an amazing speaker to listen to. If you ever get the zeal to watch it, please let me know what you think.

      Oh my! I’ve just checked the title and seen that it is actually 3 hours 5 minutes long! I must have watched it in parts.

      Thanks for stopping by to add your views – they are always appreciated. Sending hugs your way. xx


  2. Sharon,

    Just finished reading “Life in a Christian Bookshop.”
    I enjoyed learning about the hustle and bustle world behind the smiling face of the shop clerk. Your stories and descriptions brought the bookshop to life. I especially liked Chapter 16 — Ryan. Great job!
    Oh, by-the-way, you look like you’ve gained weight! 😉


    • Hi Gene. Oh wow, what a lovely message! You made me laugh so much with that last comment. Thank you so much for ‘believing in me’ enough to purchase a copy. So glad you enjoyed it and thank you for taking the time to tell me. This means a lot me me, coming from my favourite writer! Oh, the Ryan chapter had me in floods of tears! I thought my last book was enjoyable to write, but this one brought so much fun, laughter and reflection that so far, it is definitely the one I enjoyed writing the most. I hope you and your family are well. Thanks for catching up- it’s always great to hear from you.

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      • A friend of mine wrote a book titled “Diary of a Mall Santa” It is similar to yours as it reveals the tales few people ever hear about. It was my pleasure to read both your book and his. I didn’t start writing until being convinced to tell my story in book form. Before then I just privately journaled. The book was actually my first attempt at writing for others to read. As a result of that endeavor I realized I enjoyed expressing myself through words and went on to create my blog. It has been fun, but never expected to be called anyone’s “Favorite Writer”, that’s quite a compliment, Thank you. Blessings!


  3. Sharon, I don’t delete your messages and posts from my computer because they always deserve a second or even third or fourth reading. Thank you for encouraging me as I fight this demon named depression and its sinister co-conspirator, OCD. Your words help me stay on the path to eternal deliverance through Jesus. May you be blessed today as you work to bless others.

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    • Thanks for your beautiful words of encouragement Debbie. I am always blessed after chatting with you. I hope you are doing well. I imagine that feelings are very much going up and down. But God is with you on that see-saw and when life gets too much, I’m sure he sits with his heavy frame on the bottom part, so that your legs are dangling in the air. My sister used to do this to me out off spite. I would be sat there, high up on the see-saw with my skinny legs dangling furiously while she looked up and grinned at me, knowing that there was no way I could get down unless she released her weight. But of course, God isn’t doing this to spite you – he is doing it to protect you. He is keeping you high above the ground because he sees when the enemy is coming. The devil cannot bite your legs if they are way up in the air. xxx


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