What’s Making YOU Anxious?

Photo by Ashithosh U on Pexels.com

They hide between the thick, green branches, waiting for an opportunity to pounce.

“It’s been about 12 minutes George. Time to descend upon our victim.”

“Good idea Marty, just let me finish this mouldy crust and I’ll be with you.”

On their way down, they stop off at Pricilla’s perch and ask her if she would like to join them.

“Yea, why not? Nothing better to do right now and I’m desperate for the loo.”

The three chums swoop down and land in the middle of the lawn. Perfect spot to defecate!

As they squeeze squashy poo out of their grey bottoms, each one is of a different hue:

George’s lump is a khaki green colour and the size of a tennis ball. Must have been holding in that bread roll for some time. Pricilla’s is a blacker shade, but equally as messy and not to dissimilar to what a Jack Russell did earlier round by the park. Marty’s stool offering is of a more yellowish tint, with specks of pure white in between – the type they like to paint onto car windows.

“Ah, all done!” they shout in unison, as they continue to peck around looking for worms, dead rats and anything that smells disgusting.

My dear, patient readers, this is what I imagine happens daily when I see a group of winged vermin messing up my back yard.

Maybe the stress has turned me loopy.

What I do know, is that these 3 nuisance creatures of the aviation world, have succeeded in stealing my peace and turned me into a very anxious Christian indeed.

When one lives in a country that rains 11 months of the year, the 4 weeks that are blessed with sunshine, are very precious to me and I love to be out in it as much as possible. Especially my back garden.

Having to use a tumble dryer for most of the year, racks up expensive electricity bills and cause the non-dryer items to fester in a bathroom – causing potential damp to seep into the walls until they are bone dry.

So when I put my lovely clean clothes on the line, I do not expect to see them covered in filth 2 hours later. But alas, these pigeons will poo on anything. If they cannot land because of the swaying garment on the line, they will hover and squirt from a distance.

On top of that, in the scorching heat, I can no longer walk barefoot across my grass for fear of – well you know.

It could be anything couldn’t it? My pigeons are my pigeons, but for you, it could be a recurring illness, a badly-behaved child who is not seeming to make any improvement. A bitchy boss, a house that is falling apart, taking your savings with it, or just life in general. It may even be the pandemic with all it’s fears and negative proclamations that still dominate the news in every country of the world.

The short video below is a reflection upon how I realised that I needed to do what the Word of God tell us to – place my anxieties before him and be joyful in the process. If you are suffering from anxiety of any kind, I hope it blesses you while reminding your heart that whatever the ‘pigeons’ are in your life, God is capable of removing them without you having to resort to a shotgun.

Be blessed!



  1. Sharon, I so enjoyed your article and your video. (You look gorgeous, by the way.) Yes, I have pigeons in my life, sans wings and sans pooping all over my stuff. They are, however, equally annoying. Thank you for loving us depressed and oppressed readers. You gave me several good chuckles as you described these frustrating birds. I sincerely hope they have moved along to a new roosting place. Satan uses EVERYTHING in this earth to try to corrupt our thinking and our attitudes. I commend you for resisting him and for using God’s Word as your defense. (Would that be defence, in Britain?)

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks Debbie! And thank you for your kind compliments too. Unfortunately those birds are still around…Not sure about the spelling but I like the way my compatriots from across the Atlantic spell. I think using Z for words like ‘Realize’ makes much more sense. And we put U in everything! Colour, Favourite. etc. Glad you liked the post. I love chatting with those who are struggling with depression and anxiety. There are so many silent sufferers, scared to open up because of for of criticism and mockery. I will never tire of trying to encourage, support and be a listening ear. It’s always great to hear from you!


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