Depression Buster No.1

This may not work for all of you, but one thing I have found to help ease the burden of life from those who are crushed under its weight, is laughing at silly stories. Knowing that you are not the only one who does stupid things can be very liberating.

So, the next time you are walking around trying to put one foot in front the other and wishing the day away, try to remember a silly little woman stood on the curb, with her skinny legs shaking in fear, because she didn’t want to be the first to step out and begin crossing the busy road.

I’m not really so selfish that I’d prefer somebody else to be wounded by a car than myself. Witnessing the collision of any such kind would be traumatic and I certainly wouldn’t wish that upon anybody. But I do think that those who jaywalk (and many people do in the UK!) deserve to be hit first. They throw themselves into the middle of the road like lemmings on a trip to the circus – it is not a law-breaking act over here like it is in the USA.

How I wish it was! It would make my hesitancy not so obvious. The video below explains all. I hope it makes you smile a little.


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