A Sexy Nine Year Old?

Who wants to stir-up people’s anger and have the reputation of being a whingey old cow?

Nobody likes to speak out and be unpopular. Nobody wants to be the party-pooper who is in disagreement with literally 20 million viewers worldwide, who are giving thumbs-up to videos on YouTube.

I have just discovered a genre of music called, “Afrodance”.

“Where have you been?” The hip ‘n trendy say, “This has been out for years!”

Yesterday, I spotted a Shorts video of a 9 year old girl, ‘slaying a dance’ with her teacher. The young girl’s moves were perfect. She was sharp, cool and very fit. Indeed, I think most would agree that this little mover was better at the dance than her mentor.

The child is white. A blond-haired, petite little lassie who obviously loved every second of her performance.

Her dance teacher is a young black woman, hailed a hero for training her diminutive student to boogie like a tribal African, shifting around a fire-pit, trying to raise the dead.

I agree with the myriad of comments that state how refreshing it is to see an older person taking such avid interest in a younger one, and how lovely it is that she has taught her something extremely complex. It is wonderful also, that the child has developed such confidence in her abilities, that she is able to boldly show off her skills in public. I agree with the sentiments that it is marvellous to watch performance where race, skin colour and age blend together in beautiful harmony.

But, I’m, going to be candid and speak the truth, no matter if half the world will be offended by my words.

The girl is a nine year old CHILD. The dance is far too vulgar for somebody of that age to be performing on social media in front of, yes, millions. The moves are exceptionally sexual and provocative, and for dance teachers to be applauded as heroes for making kids ‘just out of diapers’ learn these gyrations, is deplorable. They should be shamed, not championed.

As the tiny girl shifts her pelvis like a pole-dancer trying to sexually arouse a punter, I dread to think how many paedophiles are staring at their screens, getting sick pleasure from what has been given to them for free. No hiding content so that police can’t track them down – this indecency has been offered to them in droves and nobody appears to think anything of it.

The tribal drum beats continue their fast pace as the girl shakes her booty in time with the rhythm and I suspect that countless mature males are enjoying this entertainment far too much.

According to the chat show host herself, Meghan ‘Markle’ saw the video and sent it to Ellen DeGeneres. Ellen subsequently whisked the 2 dancers onto her show and gave them $10,000 each for performing on her stage.

The conclusion to all this is that the bible is once again, 100% correct: “Woe to those who call evil good and good evil…” Isaiah 5:20). This blog post will be called evil by many. I will be accused of being negative, a killjoy, a prude and worse.

Thankfully for me, I don’t care about the opinion of the majority – I care about what God thinks.

He created little girls to be girls – not seductive temptresses.

He didn’t create them to act like sluts, enticing the perverted fantasies of men old enough to be their grandfathers.

Scrolling through YouTube, I notice many more videos of dance schools teaching pre-teens and under-10s the same erotic moves.

I’m sure these teachers have no bad intentions and really believe what they are doing is beneficial for communities. Nevertheless, it is still inappropriate for children of such tender years to be presenting their bodies like this in public. So there, I’ve said it. I’ve said what many are thinking but dare not say, for fear of backlash.

Evil gets more and more subtle and it can be dressed-up as something good so cleverly that a great number of citizens simply don’t notice it.

“So what has this got to do with anxiety and depression?” you say.

There are a large number of victims of child sexual abuse who remember the attacks as if they happened yesterday. Each hour of their life, they battle against the temptation to commit suicide because they can’t bear the mental pain of the haunting memories. Like a fly hovering over a carcass, depression follows them about wherever they go.

I sigh.

The world is sick and it’s going to get worse.

Thank you for staying with me until the end. Please feel free to add your comments whether you agree with me or not.



  1. I agree with you little sister. Pageants and dance studios sexualize little girls. Parents who let their daughters participate and especially those who pressure their girls to do so endanger their children.


  2. Sharon, thank you for all your work toward helping us who are depressed. Sometimes my depression gets the better of me–drives me to my bed where I think the darkest, ugliest thoughts imaginable. But, God always delivers. It is as if he pulls the blanket from my face and says, “Get up, girl. I have work for you to do, and you’re not nearly finished.”

    As for your post about sexy 9-year-olds, I couldn’t agree more. Don’t the parents of these girls know there are predators out there? Don’t they know they’re setting up their innocent children for abuse, manipulation, emotional damage, and years of regret? Thank you, Sharon, for having the courage to speak out!


    • Thanks Debbie. I have since stumbled across a 3 year old doing similar on the Ellen Show. Naturally, she couldn’t emulate the moves of her mum, but it was obvious by the way her mentor was dancing, that she was expected to copy these erotic moves. As for Ellen, her surname should be tweaked to ‘Degenerate’. I’m sure I’m not the first one to think of that!

      I’m so glad to hear that the Holy Spirit helps motivate you to get up. Thanks for trusting me with your ‘confessions’ – it will help many others to be honest about their struggles also.

      I wish you a very blessed new year. You are not alone. xxx


  3. Absolutely agree. Thanks for speaking up. Those who confuse evil for good shouldn’t be the loudest or more prominent voices. It’s posts like these that encourage others to be brave enough to share how they feel, not what the crowd wants to hear. Sad topic, but excellent post.

    Liked by 1 person

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