When Faith Turns to Fear

Don’t you just hate ‘Job comforters’ telling you that you shouldn’t be ill, when you very much are?

It’s so easy to have contempt when we come across a believer who is afraid and not appearing to have the peace Jesus promised them. It is also easy to think we have more faith than we actually do. We need to work at it daily because when hard times it us, the truth comes out, and we often end up bewildered at how much fear and doubt we actually have been harbouring towards the Lord.

I realise that Romans 14 isn’t just about food. We need to acknowledge that the areas we are strong in, another person is struggling with, BUT, there are many who are strong in areas where we are weak, and we need the same grace they were desperately wanting us to give them when they were having a hard time trusting.

I wish you every success with this!



    • Hi there. Thanks for your question. I think firstly, by realising that when we are full of faith, to not judge someone else for wavering. Because I can guarantee that they are strong in areas where we are weak. Once that ‘silent arrogance’ is out the way, we can start going back to God’s word and recognising the many verses that clearly show his promises to help us through all the pain & troubles. Then when we meditate on the ‘do not fear, only believe’ exortation, and remember past victories/deliverances/comforts/miracles, it has great power to dispel fears. But I do think it is very important to always recognise that others will be struggling with something and in those times we must remember what sieve-brains we all have in that we so often forget to trust – and fall back into doubt at the slightest new trial. It can be a daily battle. Does that answer your question? What do you think? How have you overcome fears in the past?


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