Civil War: The End of the Road

I’m not sure if this is a re:blog, or a ‘promote my other site’ blog. I don’t usually re:blog my own stuff, but I thought that this post was relevant to what was going on right now in the world. Ooh yes, now that relates to depression doesn’t it?

If you fancy having a gander over to the post on my other WordPress site, then feel free to clink on the link above. If however, you are that much fed-up with talk about wars and pandemics and all things yukky, I totally understand and I wish you a good day or night.

It’s a shame that we don’t obey that bible verse above, more often, isn’t it? If we did, Ukrainian children would be tucked up safely in bed right now and tomorrow morning they would be running off to school and playing happily in their front yards.

Much love,


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