Gardening Disasters Part 3: Temptation to Murder

Welcome back to the confessions of a hopeless horticulturist. I must say at the outset that I sympathise with you. There is nothing more annoying than starting to read a blog post, when the writer asks you to read Part One before continuing down the page. You don’t want to click on a link that takes you somewhere else. I hate to admit it, but you really do need to read Part One & Two first. But I will forgive your stubbornness and accept that you will get there at some point.

After many ill-fated experiences planting seeds, bulbs and roots which never produced a single petal, let alone a flower, I am pleased to announce that I finally have beautiful blooms popping up in my plant pots.

“So what?” You say. “Millions of people grow flowers you know. What is so newsworthy about yours?”

Well, without wanting to repeat myself, there are two previous posts you need to devour to understand why. But you are here now, so let me be gracious and tell you plainly that up until now, it felt like an angel of the bad kind, was presiding over the soil in my garden. Not satisfied with belonging to ‘The Third’ who ran out of Heaven following Lucifer, it seemed that he spotted my tiny piece of earth in my tiny country, and decided it was a nice place to live. Thus, greedy for nourishment, he began to consume every item that was planted, and in gratitude, he gifted me with poisonous mushrooms, dandelions, moss and clover.

“But you’re a child of God!” You gasp. Yes, and I need to repent of my childish notions that reveal no faith in the one who created the flora and fauna that I have so desired to see gracing the little bit of square footage I have been blessed to tend.

How gracious is our heavenly father when we pout and sulk and blame all and sundry for our misfortune instead of praying in faith! Even though I don’t deserve to have any buds because of my self-piteous flair, I was jumping up and down with excitement this morning after spotting a few pots that contained flowers.

As I eagerly await the birth of the remaining 70+ blooms, I ponder with trepidation and remind myself that prayer is still very much needed if I am going to transform into the gentle-spirited lassie God created me to be. You see, two weeks ago, my heart contained machinations of murder. Yes, I wanted to kill a living being. Not just kill… torture and kill. I had ventured into the garden to water a few of the larger pots, where the soil had become dry. Being quite wide in diameter and containing fresh, moist compost, a cat had took it upon himself to empty the entire contents of its bowels into said pot. This in itself was maddening, but what made me fly into a hissy fit was the fact that the feisty feline was having a bout of diarrhoea at the time. So no, it wasn’t just a case of scooping up 3  solid lumps. It looked like 5 jars of peanut butter had been melted then poured all over my beloved container.

Isn’t the Holy Spirit lovely the way he turns incidents around for his glory? At one point in your life or even 297, you have been offended. Somebody has hurt you, abused you, rejected you and insulted your feelings. It has felt just like being pooped on or having something that is precious to you, being decimated. It is happening right now in The Ukraine. You got angry, you cried, you wanted revenge and what is worse still, the pooper never even realised the effect they had on you. In the same way that this cat is happy to return to my lair and squirt more faeces onto my beloved babies, your offenders have shown no remorse and would probably hurt you again.

Look back at how pathetic my pots and flowers look compared to the ones that win competitions by expert growers. Yet, just like I am protective over my pots like they were children, God has his eye of compassion firmly set on you.

I am not happy with that defecating moggy…

…and neither is God happy with anyone who has deliberately hurt you. You are royalty because he is your king and no matter how bad you feel about yourself – you are precious in his eyes. People have stepped all over you, vomited on you, excreted filth on you, and he is not happy about it at all!

Know that your heavenly father loves you and cares about you far more than I care for my silly little plants.

For some of you, the subsequent hurt that you feel, is the reason why you got sucked into depression in the first place.

I am pleased to tell you He wants to clean you up and help you get over every single thing that has happened in your life that has left you feeling how I feel about that blooming cat.

May you find a renewed hope in your Deliverer today, because he is also your Mighty Comforter.

Stay tuned for the final episode.

Much love,



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