Is Your Spirit Feeling Crushed?

The Amplified version of the bible refers to the crushed in spirit as ‘those who are contrite in heart and truly sorry for their sin.’

It is interesting that being heartbroken is mentioned alongside being sorry for sin, because so many times depression is triggered after one realises they are suffering owing to a bad choice. Present circumstances seem hopeless and they know it is because of something they did that they should not have done, or something that should have been done that wasn’t.

Oh, how many times do we live in regret! It truly is enough to keep one feeling so very dreadful. For example, an angry word spoken, could have caused an estranged relationship – so many parents have not seen their children for many years because of this.

Another good example is lack of finances. Bad investment choices or terrible overspending can lead us to hearing all about the luxurious holidays of others, while we are stuck in our homes looking out through a window covered in raindrops.

It’s comforting to know that the Lord sees everything going on in our hearts. Mistakes or not, he knows when we are living in regret and wants to spread his arms over us so we can cry into his bosom. Let’s do that today – have a good weep.

(Here’s a link to the video version.)

See you soon.


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