Is God Really With Me?

Somebody needs to hear that today. Maybe it’s just for me right now.

I’m going to be honest with you; I don’t often see fruit from all my writing. I enjoy it immensely and I know I’m doing what God called me to do, but I often have a faith struggle going on.

When I don’t receive much feedback from the books I have written or the videos I work hard on, doubt starts to creep in and I say to the Lord,

“Please give me one little glimpse of encouragement – one bit of proof that I’m not wasting my time.”

He goes silent.

I think he is saying,

“If you know you’re doing what I called you to do, why do you need an outward sign that you are on the right track? Why can’t you just accept that I’m working silently behind the scenes?”

Friends, it’s so hard to persevere when you see little fruit. I hope that if you identify with this, you will be comforted by the verse above, just like I’m trying to do myself.

Where is your faith being tested?



  1. I just wrote a post talking about the same thing. It can be discouraged when you are trying hard and don’t see the fruit but the truth is it always takes time there are people who do appreciate our efforts i am sure but above all God sees what we do in secret and will reward us in public. Let’s not be weary in doing good


  2. Do what makes you happy. Your writings will reach the people who need to read them. I read somewhere, “ The people who plant the trees know they will not be the ones enjoying their shade”. And yet they plant.


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