Why Did God Stand Back and Let It Happen?

There’s nothing wrong with trying to find answers. We all do it. Everybody has memories of a past traumatic experience that we think God should have protected us from. Mothers ask the Lord to guard their children while at school, then at 11am, a call is received from the secretary which begins, “There’s no need to panic but…”

Hours later, mother and child are sat in the waiting room of the casualty department; forlorn child, resentful parent, wondering why God didn’t answer her early morning prayers.

Later on, when we look back, we realise that if prayers hadn’t been prayed, things could have been much worse. No broken bones, no scars, no nightmares.

But sometimes, that same child ends up on crutches, in a wheelchair for life, or loses that life.

The devil rubs his hands with glee and begins whispering those well known questions into the head of the grieving loved-one.

We Christian bloggers do not have all the answers – not even the bible scholars who wake up at 2am each day for morning devotions.

Those who think they can explain away tragedy, need to sit down for 3 hours with a 58 year old victim of child sexual abuse and tell them why when they cried out to God as a frightened 7 yr. old, the abuse continued for another 12 years and included physical violence also.

The weary, the hurting, the angry and the confused, can only find solace at the feet of Jesus when nobody else is around.

We don’t have all the answers – what we do know is that God is faithful and is right there in the midst of the deepest pain. He may not have taken you out of the pit, but he was there with you on the grubby floor and walked with you through the horrendous journey that no-one else can really understand.

The next time that menacing voice taunts you with lies that God doesn’t really love you because of what he let you endure, know that he understands your faith struggles. Know that he does indeed love you very much, and if you use just a teeny, tiny bit of the faith he gave you, you will learn to accept that although he doesn’t approve of the awful things that happened to you, he loves you enough to make you a better person because of it – and to make you see that he is the one on whom you can draw your comfort in times of great sorrow.

Wishing you peace and comfort wherever you are in your journey of healing.

much love,

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