Encouragement for Wounded Sheep Part 1 of 7

Jesus takes spiritual abuse very seriously and those who misuse their God-given authority to mistreat the lambs in their care, will not get off lightly.

Many wounded Christians bleed so badly that it can take several years for them to recover and begin trusting again.

During this time, they can be misjudged as unforgiving, bitter and weak, when in reality, they ran straight to God, who is holding them up while they limp around trying to get back on their feet.

Some fall into depression. These are often the ones who lost all their friends when they escaped a toxic church and had false rumours spread about them.

For others, the depression came when the church leader felt threatened by their fear of the Lord which shone so much light on the darkness in his/her soul, so they were expelled and told never to return.

All in all, the Lord keeps a close eye on the rejected because he is a God of fairness, and nothing escapes his attention.

Like in the popular ‘Footprints’ poem, he is carrying them through this painful season of shock, betrayal and abuse. It is a bereavement process and only He can heal the grieving heart.

If you resonate with any of this, be assured that no matter how angry and sad you feel, you will get over this and will come out the other side, a better person – more gracious, more forgiving, and more convinced than ever, that you serve a loving, faithful God.

In all this, let us remember that we are not at war with humans, so we should endeavour to not despise them, despite their despicable behaviour. “We wrestle not against flesh and blood…”

The following 6 blog posts will contain posters relating to this topic. Feel free to share them with anyone who you feels needs encouragement.

For the introduction to this 7 part series, please click here.

Sharon xx


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