Speaking Out for the Spiritually Abused

Yes, I’m back.

The reason is because silence has to be broken.

My following 7 posts have been initiated, owing to God constantly placing wounded sheep in my path who have experienced horrific treatment at the hands of those who were commissioned to bless them.

I’m not picking up anybody’s offences. An old bible teacher used to say there were 3 sides to a story: Side A, Side B, and then the real truth. But, first-hand witness has lead me to know who is lying, and it’s not the bleeding lambs. God calls us to speak out for those who have no voice and for those who did, but were silenced.

My heart is not bitter – it is full of pity. Pity for the abused and pity for the abusers.

All I am doing is reaching out to the hurting, to support them with encouraging truths. I am not planning revenge. God called me to encourage, and that is what I am doing. He knows my heart. Nuff said.


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