Creative Bible Verse Journaling Flip-through

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Hello friends!

I’ve just started creative journaling and found it to be extremely rewarding.

First of all, it’s fun. Secondly, it is fulfilling the desire for which it was intended – helping me to ruminate on bible truths and get God’s word deep down into my spirit.

I imagine that this sort of hobby is female dominated, but I wonder if there are any Christian men out there who participate in regular bible journaling, bible verse journaling or creative journaling.

It would be interesting to see what they came up with.

So, what’s the difference between the 3?

Bible journaling relates to when people draw amazing art (go to Pinterest and I’ll see you in 5 hours) in their bible, depicting a verse, theme or idea. There are bibles that come with ready-made images to colour, and have lined spaces at the sides for the owner to draw extra images or add notes.

Bible verse journaling is usually done in a notebook or scrapbook and contains mainly scripture verses, but quotes and single words are sometimes added also. One of my pages is below:

Creative journaling is a popular artistic hobby performed by the wider population, not necessarily just Christians, and can contain words, thoughts and quotes, related to any theme, or just unusual pictures. A popular theme at the moment is vintage diaries, which are filled with all manner of interesting oddments relating to yesteryear.

As a Christian, I am most interested in bible verses because my main aim is to draw closer to God, not to do crafts.

It is a great way to use up your old odds and ends of craft material and a good excuse to ask for more!

The video below is a full flip-through of my first creative journal.

Which of the verses speak to you heart and which is your favourite page?

See you soon.



    • Thank you so much Jan. I would draw inside my bible also, but I am too scared that it will end up looking a right mess. You are very brave and unlike your indication of not being creative, I am sure you are, as to draw inside one’s bible, one has to have a certain level of artistic courage! Ha ha! I would love to get a sneak peek some time. Have you ever doodled during a sermon?

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