Queen Elizabeth Tribute

I sympathise with all of you who are grieving over the death of, Her Majesty The Queen.

I know it is not just UK residents who mourn her loss, but millions of people around the world who were touched by her loyalty to God and those she served.

While creative journaling a few weeks ago, I came across some pictures of the royal family which aptly helped me ponder on the bible verse about God’s children being a, ‘royal priesthood’.

I am so glad that The Queen herself was a worshipper of Jesus, and I hope you like the page in the video that shows her smiling and dressed in the most beautiful lime green outfit. I have also added pictures of the late Princess Diana, her daughter-in-law, and the lovely Meghan who has received so much unfair criticism since her marriage to our Prince Harry.

To save you searching for the video clip, you can find this page at the time of: 17:08 mins.

Here are some other pictures that are in the video:

This was part of the ‘Royal Priesthood’ page, highlighting our worth in God’s eyes. I thought it was also doubly applicable to have Princess Diana and Meghan featured because they have suffered so much rejection from either, family, public or the press, that they felt worthless. Both considered suicide and both admitted to having self-harmed to try to rid themselves of their emotional pain.

**Friends, depression can hit anyone, and no money or fame in the world can prevent it from creeping up on you.**

I never usually attempt to draw straight onto the page of a journal because if things go wrong, it cannot be hidden. However, I wanted to place a proper heart onto the sheets and apart from my husband teasing me that it looks like a turkey, I am happy that I at least had a go.

The first heart is completely black, representing my sin when I don’t come before God to be cleansed. The second one shows that cleaning is in progress, so it is half black, half purple. There are cleaning products in the flap which represent things we try to use to appease God: The antibacterial spray represents good works. The cream cleaner represents religious activities. The wood polish represents talents and gifting and the washing up liquid represents money. Of course, none of these can get our hearts clean, so hidden inside the flap is a cross. On the back it reads, ‘the blood of Jesus’. And voila, the final heart has been purged of all the dirt.

You need to refer to the video to see how this contraption works. It is called a ‘Waterfall card’. When the flaps are eased upwards, they spell the word, ‘Grace’. There are pretty little birds adorned on the underside of the flaps.

This is another picture from the, ‘Royal Priesthood page’. It is Queen Victoria looking rather sad. I wonder what she was thinking when that photo was taken.

I wanted to champion the divine order God has created, which we sometimes battle against as women. Done properly, it is not subservient to honour men as our head. I wanted to include this page as a symbol of respect for who God created men to be. I often wonder if one of the reasons many men have become effeminate is because they fear their God-given role and women have made it harder for them by rising up to try to take their place. Naturally, some women have no choice, because they have been left to raise a family single-handed. This is sad because this was not our Creator’s original plan.

Those ladies at the top look like they are experiencing a kind of freedom. They would not have been allowed to work outside of the home in those days.

I’ve jumped to the last image in the journal which helps me to reflect on the fact that Jesus is still walking with me through the hard times. When I worked in a Christian bookshop, the ‘Footprints’ poem became cheesy to me, because it was on everything: mugs, bookmarks, calendars, notebooks, posters – the lot. But recently, the Lord has been reminding me of the truths behind this story and I have a fresh appreciation for it suddenly. We are all facing difficult financial times, as the energy prices, mortgage rates and fuel costs soar to unprecedented heights. People are scared and depression is threatening to claim the minds of more people than ever. Folks, we need to remember that the Lord is walking with us through the dense sand.

I love vintage photographs and I thought that these fellows would make a beneficial reminder to me about the great cloud of witnesses cheering us on in Heaven. Yea, I know that most of them look rather gloomy, but I wonder what they were thinking when their photos were taken.

I made a burnished silver frame for this one and deliberately didn’t bother about centering or smudging, as it is supposed to be like a treasure found in a box in the attic. I’m not sure if they are a couple or daughter and father – what do you think?

But whoever they were, they had dreams and ambitions, worries and fears just like we do now. One day, we will follow ‘the way of our fathers’ and everything we did on earthed will be judged by our Creator. The opinions of humans on earth will not play a apart in it at all. That keeps me going when I don’t get many views, comments or likes on social media. I’m here to encourage you, but ultimately, if you don’t like what I say or do, it doesn’t really matter. I want to know I did the best with what God gave me to do.

And knowing that there are a great cloud of witnesses cheering me on, will help me keep my head up in the uncertain days ahead.

Thank you for journeying with me. If you want to view the video, it is a silent one – no talking or whispering as if a baby is sleeping beside me. In the description, there is a list of all the bible verses / themes, so that you can easily find the ones that are special to you.

Much love,



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