Meghan’s Depression

Hello friends.

I wonder what you are up to. Are you planning on tuning into the royal funeral this Monday? You may be fed up of seeing news coverage about the death of Her Majesty the Queen, or be feeling somewhat nonplussed about the whole affair. I sympathise with you – events like this can be strained until they become tedious.

But some of you will be glued to your televisions set, or YouTube later on, when Queen Elizabeth is finally laid to rest for all the world to see.

As you may know, I have already shared a blog post with you that features pictures of the Queen in my creative bible journal. This one focusses on Meghan.

As mentioned in my previous post, Queen Elizabeth Tribute, unfortunately, both Meghan, Prince Harry’s wife, and his mother , the late Princess Diana, both suffered from extreme loneliness after becoming a member of the royal family and entering their intimidating circle. Both ladies, although stunningly beautiful, began to self-harm and both openly confessed to having regular thoughts of suicide.

The SHORT video below, shows you the Meghan page in more detail and explains why it is important for us as Christians, to not judge one another – it is especially ridiculous for us to make judgements about celebrities who we do not know.

If you are from the UK, enjoy your day of rest on Monday – or work, if you are not able to have time off to watch the live procession.

For the rest of you, please be assured that you are not missing out in any way. Currently, people who have flocked to London to be near the scene, have had to wait up to 8 hours just to walk into a room and view the coffin.

Wow, some folks have STRONG bladders!

See you soon.


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