Vintage music – can you Handel it?

Okay hands up – who is old enough to remember having a cassette player? Did you have one in your car then? Do you remember singing along to your favourite tune, then suddenly the voice on the tape went squeaky? Sometimes, it had the opposite effect and began to go really slow, like a monster speaking out threats in a horror film.  

I am grateful that despite the technical hitches in vintage contraptions for playing music, I have always been able to listen to worship songs in some shape or form. I thank the Lord for fun memories of dancing to Amy Grant on vinyl and her repeating the lyrics 5 times in a certain place where the L.P. had scratched when I collided with the old radio gram.

Geesh, I’m making myself sound ancient!

My favourite record (the black things with a small hole in the middle) was Handel’s Messiah, which only seemed to emerge at Christmas, alongside a big black lady called, Mahalia Jackson. What a voice she had! Though I despised it at the time.

I never appreciated Handel either – not until I got older. Now, whenever I hear ‘The Hallelujah Chorus’, it seems strange to not hear crackly sounds in the undertones, which was from the dust that gathered around the needle of the record player.

Enough granny talk – here’s a creative journaling video rejoicing in the delights of praise and worship music from all eras.

Much love,

Sharon xx



    • Thanks Debbie! Isn’t it funny how we humans most often don’t like the sound of our won voice when we hear it played back. It reminds me of the old days when siblings used to secretly record each other at home on the very same cassette players – then when it was played back, we’d exclaim, “Urrgh! Is that what I really sound like to others?” Ha ha. I sent you an email yesterday to catch up. I hope all is well at your end. Hugs. xx

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      • 😂. Aw, how annoying it was. I sympathise with you. So many of us lost our dearest music because of this. Aren’t we blessed to have more modern mediums and to be able to download just one track from an album! I cannot count the amount of times a visiting singer came to our church and had tapes selling at the back. I would buy them and be disapointed – realising they sang their best songs on stage, but the rest on the album were not to my taste. How lovely to be able to pick and choose now! And also, to be able to listen to a preview before making up our minds. Nah, I don’t hanker for the ‘good ole days’ 😆

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  1. You awakened some ancient but pleasant memories for me. How many times I had to use a pencil to rewind a cassette. I, too, developed a late life likening for Handel. My cassette years were mainly the iconic Leonard Cohen. Enjoying your blog!

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