How Big Is Your Head?

Nobody likes being behind a dithery driver. Unless the person at the wheel is lost or exercising caution for safety reasons, it is infuriating when somebody is going slow for what seems no sensible reason at all.

When travelling on the road, I do not consider myself to be dopey, nor a speeder. Naturally, I do have a tendency to go over the limit on 30mph roads, and if I am on a 50-60mph road with steep downward slopes or sharp bends, I reduce my speed dramatically. I think I am safe, considerate and alert to the conditions.

So, whenever a driver revs-up and overtakes me on a narrow, windy road, where one cannot see the traffic coming in the opposite direction, not only is this extremely dangerous, but I get mad.

One day, the Lord challenged me on this and said, “You are angry because of pride. You feel that by him overtaking you on the wrong side, he is declaring that you are driving too slow. You see this as an insult to your driving and instead of letting him go on his way, you want to get even. Pride.”

Ooh! Proud as a peacock and totally unaware. This is one of the sins that hinders us from receiving blessings and appropriate answers to prayer.

There are many things in life that expose the sin of pride in us and often, they lay under the more obvious signs. But, as the Lord resists the proud, but gives grace to the humble, I know I must take this seriously and seek him to show me where all the bits of this sin is lurking in me – and get it brought to the surface.

The video below is a fun reminder for us to imagine how God views us when we are walking around with unconfessed pride. Which one do you think is more like you: the pompous queen, the man with the oversized head, or the fat chested bird?

Enjoy your humble weekend.

Sharon xx



  1. Oh, you beautiful and creative journalist on the other side of the globe! I love, love, love your artwork and the way you present it to us, your listeners and viewers. Keep up the good (and godly) work of reminding us of God’s great love!

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