How to Have Perfect Peace

In this unsteady financial season we are all going through, it can seem almost impossible not to worry.

The girl above is part of my scrapbook page and was taken from the mindfulness magazine called, ‘Teen Breathe’. She depicts how many of us are feeling.

The price of groceries has significantly increased and the mortgage rates are continuing to rise.

As we fall into fear, nobody wants to hear that bible verse about it being impossible to please God without faith.

Will we go back to using ration books?

Will our food look like this again?

What about our vehicles? Will the fuel prices soar so high that we cannot afford to drive anywhere?

Thankfully, we have a God who is understanding. He knows why we sometimes find it hard to trust him.

That’s one of the reasons why he gave us his word. He wants us to know that trusting him brings us peace of mind.

…and to remember that Jesus is no longer lying dead in a tomb. He is very much alive and ever present in our troubles.

The video below shows this scrapbook page in more detail. Please feel free to share it with others whom you know will be encouraged. As you can see from the visual stats, only a few people get to view them. I am certainly not after high numbers to boost my ego. Social media should be a God tool, not a self-promotion tool. My heart is that people who are struggling will be encouraged by the Lord. One day, all our ministry will be tried and tested and anything with selfish, vain motives will be burnt to cinders. So subscribe, like and share for the struggling heart of your friends and loved ones, not for my own satisfaction.

Thank you friends – I know you understand what I mean.

See you soon.


  1. Sharon, you amaze me! What a creative way of delivering God’s message of hope to your readers! I don’t know where you find all the pictures for your scrapbook, but they are perfect. Keep producing these lovely videos. They are true blessings.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Aw thanks Debbie. Unfortunately, hardly anybody watches them. People may press the WordPress ‘Like’ button, but the YouTube stats show either no viewers, or very few. This particular video has no views. Xx


      • I am not on Facebook, so I go directly to your site to see your posts. I know how much work writers put into their efforts. We feel really disappointed when we have no or very few readers. I’ve not posted anything for probably a year. I don’t have a good reason, other than WRITING IS REALLY HARD WORK! You work harder than I do because in addition to writing, you also include wonderful pictures and other graphics, and record videos with audio. Your posts always bless me. Most importantly, God recognizes and honors your efforts.

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Yes, I noticed you hadn’t posted for a while because I often hop onto your site just to make sure I haven’t missed any. But that’s okay because many of my favourite bloggers don’t post regularly but when they do, they have something amazing to say.

    I don’t actually think that posting regularly is always a good thing, but I sometimes like to do mine in batches because I post to encourage myself aswell – ha ha!

    Not sure that I agree that I work harder than you. I really enjoy it and I think when one doesn’t find writing hard, it is easier.

    Plus because I’m doing visuals I find them more fun to do and maybe they are easier to read because in this day and age, people haven’t the time to read through long posts.

    I don’t use FBook either. I respect the fact that people often don’t have time to click onto a video, but my query was that on posts where I haven’t posted many words – just a video, I am still getting likes even though the video has not actually been watched!

    Which makes me wonder if people are just pressing the WordPress like out of habit. that is what I meant.

    I must admit that sometimes I have clicked people’s ‘like’ button after only having read half the post, with the intention of going back later to re-read the post. But being human, we often do not remember to do that.

    So I am not accusing people of lying, but recognising that the whole world is busy, busy, busy, and with so many things vying for our attention, there will naturally be a contradiction between social media sites.

    Personally, if I stumble across a blog post that contains only a video and not text, I will not press the like button, but go straight to their YouTube site and press the like button over there to show that I have actually watched it.

    But I realise that I am not to be a diva and expect people to play by the rules. I am grateful enough that people bother to come onto my site at all!

    I’m sorry you are finding writing difficult. Maybe you should try doing videos also? No pressure, ha ha!


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