What’s God Doing to That Baby?

Photo by Garon Piceli on Pexels.com

We really don’t know, do we? Oh, we can read up on books about what happens at what stage in the womb, but God is the only one who really knows how each cell is being formed and how sinews and muscles are being put together.

The bible verse on this journal page reads:

“Just as you cannot understand the paths of the wind, or the mystery of a tiny baby growing in its mother’s womb, so you cannot understand the activity of God who does all things.” (Eccl. 11:5)

I’m having so much fun finding visual elements to help me ruminate on the truths of God’s word and the vastness of his greatness! Who would have thought journaling would be so rewarding!

I don’t like rushing through the bible. I love to read a verse and spend ages thinking about what it means, asking the Holy Spirit to show me a new facet of glory behind the truth, and to help me enjoy pondering on his love letter.

What do you think of the rock chick mum-to-be above? I think she looks cool, but my mum would cringe if she saw this picture, because after 2 miscarriages, her doctor told her it was because she was wearing high heels. I’m not sure that theory was actually correct, but ever since then, she’s been telling pregnant ladies to wear flats.

I’ve never seen the Northern Lights, but I imagine that viewing them in person is astounding. It must seem rather magical to be looking up at the sky and seeing all those beautiful colours swirling around. What a creative, God we serve!

I’ve added to the snowy mountains as a contrast to the green vapour below, to remind me that my God is a God of detail and variety. People may look similar, but no two people are actually the same, are they?

Just like we cannot determine the sex of the child we are carrying, we cannot fathom everything God is up to. But he tells us to trust him, because the One who created mankind and formed all the marvellous things in the universe, is capable of holding us up when we cannot cope with the things in life that are knocking us to the floor.

Let us look up to him again today and praise him for all the lovely things he has planned for our lives.



  1. The fact that babies grow from a small fertilized egg to a baby in your arms is something that only God can fully understand. The high-heals thing is interesting but this is my understanding – firstly high-heals are really bad for your ankles and feet (they probably keep podiatrists in business) secondly the miscarriages are most likely to have been caused by all of the times the unfortunate artist lost her footing (and she would have) because of her high-heals. I have 4 children, 3 choose not to have anything to do with me and one that I haven’t met yet. I will trust God for these things as there is nothing He can’t do.

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    • Sorry to hear that. I hope there will he a reconcilliation somewhere down the line. To encourage you, I know of more than 2 famillies where their estranged children reunited with them many years later. If you’ve given up hope, that’s understandable, but ask the Lord to renew your hope. He will help you to see beyond the darkness. Kind regards.


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