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‘Moving the furniture’ is my revised and edited version of my old blog, Light-bites For Your Heart’, so those of you familiar with it may recognise the topics of some posts.

How many times have we stood in our lounge and thought, “I’m fed up with the sofa being here, let’s move it to there. That pot pourri is old fashioned now, let’s have some candles. I need some new cushions and that vase is for the bin.”

beat depression

It’s refreshing making big changes and I wanted a new layout and more concise content.

Also I would like to help you to shift the furniture of your mind: the static negativity and fearful thoughts of hopelessness. Seeing things in a different way can aid us in overcoming stress, depression and anxiety. But like the squirrel trying to move the sofa on his own, it’s overwhelming trying to change mind patterns by ourselves.

“Jesus is the purpose of this blog. The unseen guest on every page – the silent listener to every conversation.”

He is desperately wanting to show us how he can help us through the dark times and be out best friend as we travel through this journey of life.

For those whose depression is clinical and therefore not brought about by circumstances, he wants to show you how he can be your comfort and healer. I certainly don’t have all the answers, but I hope that I can stand in the tunnel with you and point the torch towards him who is standing at the exit with arms open wide.

For those of you who don’t believe in God or have struggled with faith to believe he wants to help you, this may seem as unusual as trying to relax on a sofa in the middle of a field. But as he gently speaks to your heart, being in his presence will soon feel as normal as enjoying an afternoon on a settee in the sun.


Feel free to hop into the comment box to say ‘Hello’ and I promise to wander over to your site to see what you’re up to.


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