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If you suffer from DEPRESSION and are a Christian, this blog is primarily for you.

It’s not so much about finding answers, even though that is very important – but it is about encouraging you that God understands and doesn’t judge you the way we humans do.

You love God. You believe his word. You know that Jesus died for your sicknesses as well as your sins. But the impression you get from those around you is that depression and anxiety is something Christians shouldn’t have. This has made you struggle even more.

Maladies of the mind are just that. It doesn’t mean you have no faith. It doesn’t mean you have an ungrateful spirit. It doesn’t mean you don’t worship the Lord enough. It doesn’t mean you are demonised. The mind is part of the body and that part of your body is unwell. That is all.

Followers of Christ get sickness and diseases and run to the medicine cabinet, their G. P., the dentist and the surgeon all the time.

Likewise, we should treat all depression sufferers with grace. We should love the anxious in the same way we have compassion for the physically sick.

So, be assured that you are not crazy. You are not a wimp. You are not a fool and you are not faithless. Depression isn’t always an indication that you have a demon squatting on your shoulder. Nor is it always an indication that you have an ungrateful spirit and are dissatisfied with your given lot.

Yes, sometimes our melancholy is owing to losing sight of the amazing things we have and a quick Jesus-jolt brings the joy and hope back again. But for others, this is a long term affliction that requires patience, support and sometimes even medication – just like the rest of us take Ibuprofen for those gripping aches and pains.

God has a heart for all mankind and prompts us to be careful not to wound the wounded.

This blog was written to help encourage you in your journey with Christ. It was written to remind you that he loves you, because the enemy of your soul daily looks for reasons to prove that he doesn’t.

Now…I have noticed that some Christians find blogs by lay people to be an affront towards all they believe to be appropriate. Like, unless the writer is ordained or a church leader, they have no right to go spouting off to others as if they are some kind of spiritual oracle. Well, my experience of WordPress is that there are countless lay people who have a genuine compassion for souls and a heart for the hurting. They are not frustrated preachers, desperate to be heard. They just care. And because they care, God has guided them to write a blog similar to this one, to do like Jesus said, which is to encourage one another while there is still time.

So, I am just one solider out of billions in the army of God. I don’t profess to have all the answers, nor do I have qualifications in psychology. I have not been to bible school, nor do I preach in my local church. That is not my calling. If that offends you, you are welcome to leave this site and find somebody you deem to be more qualified to talk about the love of Jesus.

I have a qualification in the School of Life and because Jesus has been faithful to me in times of great distress, I know he will do the same for you.

I look forward to walking with you, as we continue to discover the amazing transformations our lives can take when we fully embrace the forgiveness and love of our Saviour, Jesus.

Feel free to contact me using the form on the Contact Page, or leave a message in the comment boxes that are found at the end of each post.

I will endeavour to reply promptly and also I look forward to hopping onto to your blog to see what you’re up to over there.

See you soon!