A Perfect Friend

A Perfect Friend

Have you ever wished that there was someone who really knew you, but still loved you to bits anyway? Someone who knows all your weaknesses and yukky bits, but would never throw it in your face or gossip behind your back?

Someone who really understood you, so you didn’t have to spend hours explaining what’s in your heart, why you feel the way you feel, like the things you like and do the things you do?

Have you ever started crying and didn’t know what was the trigger, because there were so many things going through your mind – regrets of the past, fears for tomorrow, stresses of the day, unresolved hurts, personal guilt, feelings of despondency…but someone who knows you better than you know yourself, KNEW the reason for the tears and could comfort you accordingly?

Not some wimpy-pimpy, saddo, failure, nerdy, misfit, who is so unpopular that hanging out with you is his only option. I’m talking about a macho, strong, super-intelligent, hero-type who everyone wants to be with because his personality is perfect, his presence desirable and his joy so infectious, you couldn’t remain depressed around him for very long.

Half the time, you don’t even know why certain things make you angry. You don’t know why certain people rub you up the wrong way. No bespectacled psychologist could explain why certain folk make you feel intimidated and others make you want to run far away, slap them, or push them over a cliff of considerable height.

Neither can a psychiatrist tell you why you sometimes act all insecure in certain gatherings – a number of you becoming louder, swanky and even obnoxious, while others display it in a more taciturn way, going into their shell and struggling to display the confident side of their nature.

  • No amount of lying on your back, stiff as a board on a sticky leather couch, can tell you.
  • No matter how tight you shut your eyes till those odd, black, twirly things appear behind your lids, you will get no revelation.
  • No amount of hard breathing in and out like a puffer fish is going to reveal the inner secrets of your soul.
  • Chanting will only remind you that you can’t keep a tune.
  • Crystals will only remind you that all your jewellery is fake.
  • Sitting cross-legged with thumbs and forefingers in an ‘O’ shape will only serve to prove you look daft and your groin hurts badly.

Your therapist may have 7 bundles of odd letters after his/her name and a string of degrees, diplomas, bachelors, masters, doctorates, honours and awards to their claim, but at the end of the day…

…they are not Jesus.

He knows why we cry, and sigh, and laugh when it’s inappropriate and cringe in fear at things with wings, and get embarrassed when nobody is even laughing at us or looking in our direction, and get mad when somebody eyeballs us despite the fact their mind is elsewhere, thinking about something sad. He knows why we are obsessed with participating in those shameful habits that bring euphoric feelings so much that we can’t helping wanting to do it again in a couple of hours or days.

We are all deluded into thinking we are normal. We think we are inherently good-hearted. But in reality, we get our sanity, goodness, holiness and wisdom from him.

But despite the fact that in our natural state we are all walking weirdos, he still loves us and has given us a great many gifts that largely remain unopened.

In my next post, I will give you a list of presents that are rightfully yours, so you can tick the ones you are not aware he swapped with you long ago, in order that your life could have meaning and purpose.

Have a great day!


“The thief comes only in order to steal and kill and destroy. I came that they may have and enjoy life, and have it in abundance – to the full, till it overflows.” (John 10:10)


  1. I can relate to all the above but the part about Jesus. He seems aloof and sits silently off, not seeming to care. Therapists are human and do the best they can but it takes forever to find one that’s good at what they do. I had some conflict with my therapist yesterday and it has actually made me more depressed. I’m so annoyed with therapy right now I don’t want to go back and try someone else. I just get sick of it being disappointed. I’m tired of paying money to people who don’t really care. And the universe seems eerily quiet.

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    • Hi Michelle, I’m sorry you have had to go through that. Thanks for your honesty about where you stand concerning Jesus. He knows how you feel. But it is interesting that your therapists are doing their job for money, not out of the love of their own heart and you mentioned that it takes forever to find one. I know if I say, “But Jesus is free and he is right here, whenever you need him.” that won’t mean much to you right now. But it’s true, so my prayer for you is that you find the REAL Jesus, not the one who people have mis-represented. He definitely isn’t a senile old man holding his hand up to his ear because he cannot hear the cry of your heart very well. Nor is he sat with his nose in the air and his back turned away. And what is most comforting is that neither is he rolling his eyes, saying, “It’s that Michelle again! What does she want now?” You can never tire him with your complaints and you never need to make an appointment to see him. No matter how stupid you may feel, cry out to him silently and ask him to prove himself to you. Don’t listen to the reasoning of your doubting mind, open your heart and ask him to help you see that he is real and that his love for your is real too. Yes, you are right, therapists are only human and therefore are very limited in what they can do to help you. I wish you all the best. Thanks for taking the time to stop by and add your thoughts.

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  2. Thank you Sharon for this wonderful article!! Yes! Jesus loves us despite our flaws and is a FRIEND like no other! God bless you. Thank you for the follow and I’m very pleased to meet you. 🤗


  3. Loved your post. I am fortunate as I don’t deal with depression. My daughter does periodically so I fully understand its total control at times. Enjoyed how you turned it around to letting Jesus take the wheel. We really do have to let him drive. I sometimes can just see Him in heaven shaking His head at us, saying “Guys of you will just…”. Praise Him above for all that he does for us.


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