Depression Remedy



I admit that this isn’t easy to do if you don’t know how and almost impossible if you don’t know Jesus personally. But he came to set you free from the bondage of depression and constant anxiety.

People mock the Bible as if it is an old fogey out-of-date book, but in reality, it holds all the answers to life and shows you how you can live a life full of joy and peace despite the yukky stuff that happens in this world. You see, God’s Word (bible) is his love letter to us and it is his guidebook for our lives. However, if we choose to reject him and his love letter, it is like throwing away the map while standing in the middle of a maze full of ferocious lions, crazy queen wasps and poisonous snakes hidden between the bushes.

My prayer for you today is that you will rid your mind of evil forebodings and begin to expect good things to happen to you, because your Creator loves you dearly and wants the very best for your life.



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