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Hello! Thank you for stopping by.

Whether we like to admit it or not, most bloggers are verbose and loquacious. Some also have the tendency to be attention-seeking because they think what they have to say is very important, extremely funny, amazingly witty and downright clever. The only thing I can be bothered to brag about is the love of Jesus. I am neither clever, witty, or funny and definitely not important.

I also try to ‘stick to the point’ because I hate reading long blogs myself and a loud gasp comes from the bottom of my lungs whenever I spot a post that looks like it’s going on forever. But, I must confess that my natural tendency is towards garrulousness, so I edit and edit until all ramblings have been deleted. Oh, and I don’t usually use such big words when simple ones will do, but you’ve got links to the 3 above so you can find out the definition and use them yourself the next time you want to pretend to be posh.

I have many interests but my main one is people; laughing with you, crying with you, encouraging you and learning from you. So whether you’re a kindred spirit or totally different from me, I hope you will find something of interest among these pages.

I love everything to do with aviation, children, animals, fun poetry, winter sports, power ballards, scrapbooking, flower photography, chocolate, Anne Of Green Gables, playing The Hare and Tortoise and most of all, Jesus.

I look forward to meeting you soon.

(By the way, a fellow blogger pointed out that there is no ‘Like’ button or Comments Box on this page and I then discovered that to add these, I have to install a plug-in. What? The only plug-in I am capable of using is one of those things you stick in the wall that emits a floral smell, then sets your house on fire when it overheats. But you’re not getting away that easily – you can pop by on one of my posts – take your pick by the picture or title you like, then you can jump into the comments box at the bottom.  I promise I will answer you back and check out what you are writing about in your little corner of WordPress.)

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