God Doesn’t Judge You

Humans may judge you ever so severely – even Christians. In fact, it is well known that church leaders can be the harshest critics of people who are battling with mental health issues. Some would quicker tell you that there is something wrong with your spiritual life rather than lend a sympathetic ear. The fact that they’ve just booked themselves in for a double heart bypass and their wife has a handbag full of painkillers is not an issue to them.

May God grant us the humility to see our hypocrisy!

And may you be encouraged that God is not a church leader. He is the mighty, all-knowing, all-loving Creator. What a relief he’s not like mankind!



  1. Absolutely love this post. As someone who has an anxiety disorder as a Christian this speaks volumes to me. Don’t judge unless you want to be judged! (See Matthew 7:1). Everyone has difficulties and even if my”difficulty” is different from yours it’s a difficulty, nevertheless. Thanks for writing this. 😀

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  2. Thank you! Growing up, I had Christian adults in my life who said depression and mental illness were the result of selfishness. Even if one feels suicidal, that is still linked to self-pity and an over-focus on self. This viewpoint is harmful, and lacks the grace people struggling with mental illness need to get better. Thank God He does not break the bruised reed!

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    • Hi Tressa. Oh my, why do we wound the wounded? This is terrible! What an awful thing to say to people who are already feeling vulnerable and guilty.

      I remember a Christian girl on Facebook referring to somebody as an idiot because he jumped in front of her train and made her late home for tea. When other friends who saw the post tried to reason with her that the man was obviously deeply disturbed, she told them all to get off their high horse and continued to label the dead man as an idiot. I promptly unfriended her, because seeing comments like this coming from somebody who was supposed to be a follower of Jesus, really troubled me. You are right that it is a matter of needing more grace. Thanks for stopping by. It is much appreciated. xx

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      • That is indeed a disturbing and sad story. I think those who do the most harm to the name of Christ are those who claim Him as their Lord and yet they act even colder than those of the world.

        There is one result of my depression that I a grateful for – I think God has used it to help me empathize more with the vulnerable and those struggling with mental health. Otherwise, I suspect I would have grown up to be a reflection of the adults I mentioned.


    • None! Thankfully, later in my life, God lead me to a church where the pastor and his wife – and several wonderful ladies – showed me what God’s love and compassion looks like! That is when my journey of healing really started.


  3. It is sad that mental health is a stigma in churches. I hope that we as Christ followers understand that it should not be and may we support those who struggle with it.

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  4. How true. The stigma surrounding mental illness is inexcusable. If I fell down a ski slope and broke my leg, most folks would feel sorry for me. But an anxiety attack doesn’t earn the same sympathy or understanding. Double Standards Stink!

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