Encouragement for Wounded Sheep Part 7 of 7

It is important to stay close to God during times of church betrayal. Don’t focus on the many who are left behind who see nothing wrong with the things that were so obvious to you.

Pray for the vulnerable, because if you were hurt, a great many more will be, and some of them will not have so strong a relationship with the Lord as you do. They are in danger of losing their faith.

Don’t fall into arrogance because you know your eyes are wide open and have been made to see what the enemy is up to. Ask God to give you a humble heart and grace to pray for those who hurt you. Don’t fall into the trap of discussing your woes and the offences of others, to the point that you become unforgiving and full of contempt.

God will turn all bad around for the good and you will be pleased in the end, that you experienced, this terrible atrocity, even though it is never God’s will for leaders to hurt their flock.

We all have to stand before God one day and give an account to him of what we did with the gift he entrusted to us – and how we treated others. The bible states that this judgement will be more severe for those who were put in leadership. A terrible time of regret awaits all the guilty who refuse to repent.

For the introduction to this 7 part series on spiritual abuse, please click here.

Feel free to use these posters to encourage any wounded soul who has run out of bandages.

I wish you all the best in your journey to emotional healing. It will come!

Much love,

Sharon xx

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