Is Your Blog a WASTE of Time?

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So, not many people are reading your posts and you are now in a quandary: Are you wasting your time on WordPress?

I hope this encourages you to continue your journey, no matter the little reward you may sometimes feel you are getting.

Don’t give up, dear friends.



  1. Well I know my blog is not waste of time because my blog is educational and inspirational so even if only one person would read and get inspired, for me it’s enough. I know you will never tough each and everyone lives but those few makes me happy.m.

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    • thank you for that tsepoimpactor. It’s lovely to hear such confidence and I am very pleased that you are firm in your convictions. I agree with you that your blog has a great purpose and I believe that it will get better and better. I’m sure many are on it at this very moment and are being blessed more than you would ever know! I wish you continued success with it and that you will always enjoy being on here. Thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts.


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