Depression Buster/Mood Enhancer

Last year, my St John’s Wort (Hypericum Perforatum), flowered up until the 2nd week of December. It wasn’t a flurry like you see below, but one or two buds of sunshine yellow, bobbing up and down in the blustery wind. Sometimes the heavy rain droplets would cause the branches to droop and it reminded me of how depression sufferers feel, bent beneath a weight of woes. However, amidst the ‘bowed heads’ were bright pops of colour that also seemed like an analogy of there always being hope in the dark times.

I stared out of the kitchen window and smiled. I felt like a proud mum whose child had won a medal on sports day!

It usually stops blooming in early October, so it was quite a surprise and lifted my spirits whenever I glanced up from my chores to peruse a garden of soggy grass, puddles on the patio and a no-go dripping washing line.

St John’s Wort in tablet form, is typically known for being used to ease anxiety and depression symptoms. I don’t suffer from these afflictions myself, but I know that many of you do. It feels awful, doesn’t it?

I am so excited that God created a plant that naturally helps lift your mood! I don’t thank the bush itself, because I am not Marie Kondo. Inanimate objects are not worthy of worship, but instead, I am in awe of the God who made nature and foods that help heal our bodies and mind.

Whether you take this medicine for your symptoms or not, I hope theses few photos will bless your heart and give you a little bit of happiness to bring a lightness to your day.

Much love,



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